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Brain Health

Neurologist showing woman scans of her brain
Neurologist showing woman scans of her brain

A comprehensive guide to understanding your brain health and mental wellness.

Howie Mandel Shares His Experiences with Mental Health

Now a mental health advocate as well as a celebrity, Howie Mandel offers some insights on coping with mental health issues.

Brain Health Is a Priority for All Canadians

The burden of neurological disorders has increased with the aging population, but brain research offers the chance to improve Canadians’ quality of life.

How Ducky Brand Is Helping People with Mental Illness

Many Canadians with mental illness struggle without proper treatment because they can’t afford it. Here’s how Ducky Brand is helping.

The Real-World Impact of Migraine

For how common and disabling migraine are, it’s shocking how little we talk about the impact this condition has on individuals and society as a whole.

Canada’s Migraine Problem: An Expert Perspective

Everyone gets headaches — not everyone gets migraines. Learn the difference and understand just how disabling migraines can be.

Being the “Real” Wanda: Openly Autistic Mother of Two Sons Who Also Have ASD

Diagnosed with ASD and PTSD as an adult, Wanda Deschamps reflects on what Mother’s Day means to her as she strives to be the “real” Wanda.

Redefining the Future of Aging Through Innovation

CABHI helps Canadian companies with novel solutions in aging and brain health to test their innovations by brokering and funding validation trials.

Canadian Neuroscience Ecosystem Collaborates to Accelerate Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Development

The Canadian national dementia strategy calls for a three-pronged approach that embraces patient care, basic research, and drug development.

Seth Rogen and Wife Lauren Miller: Using Comedy to Raise Awareness for Alzheimer’s

Hilarity for Charity’s co-founders, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller, inspire change by raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease among millennials.

I Live with Dementia. Let Me Help You Understand

My name is Tanis Rummery. I have vascular dementia, but you can’t tell that by looking at me. I’m not afraid to tell people so I can get the help I need.

Global Conference Explores What’s Next in Aging, Medtech, and Mental Health

On March 11, 2020, CABHI’s What’s Next Canada conference will dive into the innovations, industry, and lived experience of the aging and brain health space.

How One Company Is Rewiring the Brain

The PoNS™ device is helping thousands of Canadians suffering the effects of a mild or moderate brain injury — particularly issues with balance and gait.

Sleep: Why It’s a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Not getting enough high-quality sleep is a common predicament, but it can often be resolved through everyday lifestyle changes.

Sleep Better with These Tips from Dr. Oz

We asked TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz how to ensure a healthy sleep schedule, and for his top tips and tricks for sleeping well.

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