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Vision Loss

Living with Vision Loss

Close-up photograph of the iris and pupil of a human eyeball
Close-up photograph of the iris and pupil of a human eyeball

Canadians living with vision loss have encountered unprecedented obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about the importance of vision health and celebrate innovations in treatment and care.

It’s White Cane Week 2021 at the Canadian Council of the Blind

Each year during the first full week of February, the Canadian Council of the Blind celebrates White Cane Week. This year it will run from Feb. 7–13, 2021.

Please Consider Canadians with Vision Loss

We request your help in relieving the burdens and stress resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with vision loss. Timely action is essential.

Research Makes Great Strides in Solving a Stem Cell Mystery

Fighting Blindness Canada funds outstanding research projects that represent some of the most ambitious and impactful vision science initiatives in Canada.

In the Midst of the Pandemic, Vision Health Policy Is Evolving

As the one-year anniversary of Canadian COVID-19 lockdown measures approaches, ask: have you been paying enough attention to other areas of your health?

Preventable Vision Loss Due to the Pandemic

Maintaining regular treatment to care is vital to prevent vision loss, and those living with vision loss need to be given priority with respect to COVID-19.

Partially-Sighted Reporter Speaks to the Community

AMI, a not-for-profit media company, helps members of the blind and partially sighted community build confidence and connect during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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