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Lung Health

Joseph Neale
Joseph Neale

Lung cancer, COPD, and pneumonia: these three lung conditions affect people nationwide, and you don’t have to be a smoker, elderly, or sedentary to experience one. Lung Health is your guide to prevent, treat, and manage lung diseases of all kinds. Learn how to speak with your health care team to ensure that you and family can make every breath more enjoyable.

Joseph Neale: Living with Lung Cancer

Around 15% of lung cancer patients have never smoked — like Joseph Neale, the Toronto-based musician-turned-activist who spreads awareness with his music.

From Thickness to Thriving: How One Woman Maximizes Life with COPD

COPD is a progressive lung disease, and drug-free treatments like this one are showing promise for patients to keep their COPD under control.

Understanding Pneumonia: Could Your Age Put You at Risk?

Learn why, when thinking about the flu shot this year, aging Canadians should also consider pneumonia prevention as a top priority.

New Advances Provide Hope for Canadians with Lung Cancer

There’s a stigma around lung disease that needs to be broken down so patients seek access to timely treatment and care. Where do you stand in the debate?

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