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Managing MS

Mature couple laughing and hugging on a beach
Mature couple laughing and hugging on a beach

This May, during MS Awareness Month, learn about some of the ways that Canadians living with multiple sclerosis are staying strong and connected.

The MS Society Is Here to Support Canadians with MS

For those living with MS, the COVID-19 pandemic is another uncertainty on top of an already complicated disease. Know that #WeChallengeMS together.

Cost-Effective Options Are Changing the Landscape of MS Treatment

MS patients have more treatment options than ever before, but with more options comes more questions — especially about the potential financial burden.

Connecting with Others Is Essential for Those Living with MS

Living with multiple sclerosis can be challenging and isolating. Connecting with others for support can make all the difference, and these apps can help.

PoNS Treatment™ Could Help Canadian MS Patients with Chronic Gait Deficit

For Canadians living with MS, new innovations are always in development to improve their lives in practical ways — like PoNS Treatment™.

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