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Nutram, a Canadian pet nutrition company, donates $1 for every bag of pet food sold to help raise awareness for mental health.

Nutram Pet Products, a Canadian pet nutrition company, has launched its partnership with The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to bring awareness to mental health this May.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Nutram is proud to partner with CAMH Foundation to help create awareness surrounding the benefits of pet ownership in relation to mental health. Nutram is building on the success of the Feed4 program. Feed4, which launched in 2021, was created to help pet retailers support local charities within their community.

CAMH is the global leader in mental health providing care to over 30,000 patients each year, leading ground-breaking research while also functioning as a renowned teaching hospital with international health care alliances. CAMH is dedicated to patient, family and community well-being. They improve access to integrated care, answer the most difficult questions about mental illness, and remove barriers to belonging.

During May, Nutram is boosting its charitable donation by offering $1 from every bag sold to CAMH. Feeding your cat or dog Nutram can help fund groundbreaking mental health research that is helping Canadians on the path to recovery.

“Pets are cherished family members, and give so much unconditional love to us,” said Heather McKay, Brand Manager at Nutram. “As pet owners, we are reminded daily of the positive impact pet ownership can have on your mental health.”

The benefits of owning a pet that can positively impact an individual’s mental health include: 

Pets give us unconditional love

Pets don’t judge us or have any expectations from us. They always want to spend time with us and are happy to see us.

Interacting with pets lowers our stress

Interacting and/or playing with a pet helps relax and calm us. Pets make us smile and laugh, which boosts our moods.

Pets make us feel needed and give us a sense of purpose

The act of caring for a pet provides responsibilities and motivation. A pet establishes routines for us, as they require to be fed daily and depending on the type of animal, will need regular walks or exercise.

Pets make us live in the moment

Pets don’t worry about tomorrow or what happened yesterday. Pets help distract us from our worries and fears.

Pets provide companionship

After a stressful day, we can share our problems with our attentive pets. They may not always understand, but they listen, love us and want us to feel better. It has been found that people are more joyful and energized when around a pet.

Pets keep us active

Pets can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside and socialize. Regular walking or playing with pets can improve our mood and overall health. Healthy bodies tend to lead to healthy minds.

“Nutram’s support of CAMH is a natural partnership,” says McKay. “We’re honoured to support CAMH in their mission to create a better future for those living with mental illness or addiction.”

Nutram recipes are sold exclusively in Canadian-owned pet specialty stores. Visit to find your nearest pet store.

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