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Patient Access and Empowerment

Illustration of doctor and patient reaching through smartphones to converse
Illustration of doctor and patient reaching through smartphones to converse

Canada has one of the world’s most advanced health care systems. With that, there exists misinformation and misconceptions among the general public. Patient Access and Empowerment informs Canadians about the important aspects of their health care system, empowers people to advocate for their own health care, and encourages dialogue between patients and their health care teams.

How Everyone Can Be a More Empowered Patient

We asked organizations representing patients how Canadians can become proponents for patient access and what they can do to become more empowered patients.

Medical Innovation Reinvigorates Hope for Canadian Patients

Learn about the Canadian research that’s led to major breakthroughs in treating complicated and life-threatening diseases which previously had no treatment.

Why Data Is the Key to Managing Your Health

To be a full partner in your health care journey, it’s essential that your personal health information (PHI) is accessible to you, where and when you need it.

How Digital Access is Improving Health Care

Read about how Northern Health in BC is using digital health to provide that access and help patients become more engaged in their health and care journey.

Let’s End Diabetes

Today, one in three Canadians has diabetes or prediabetes. We can’t wait another 100 years to end the disease. Help by getting involved with Diabetes Canada.

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