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With a rapidly aging population in Canada, senior living is a growing field within health care. Chartwell offers a wide range of rewarding roles and professional growth opportunities.

When considering the range of career options in health care, senior living is an emerging area with diverse roles for those working in or considering a job that combines well-being, support, and compassionate client relationships. With the potential for growth, learning, and development, working in a retirement or long-term care residence also offers rewarding and meaningful experiences working with an inspiring cohort: seniors.

With Canada’s population aged 85 and over expected to triple from 861,000 to 2.7 million over the next 30 years, many areas of health care and service businesses will increasingly shift to caring for and serving the “grey wave.”

Retirement living is a perfect example of an independent and flexible model of accommodation, care, and services that many seniors are increasingly considering to combat social isolation, reduce the burden of home maintenance, and access flexible care and support options.

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With the consistency of the retirement living model offering flexible work schedules around full-time or part-time hours and not shift hours, employees find meaningful client relationships, greater life balance, and growth opportunities as an alternative to the traditional areas of hospital, primary medicine, and community care.

Care support in a retirement residence combines the professional training of nursing, personal care, or on-the-job training for guest attendants with the opportunities of supporting the most respected generation of our population. Residents are typically over 80 and balancing a range of requirements from fully independent living to supportive living to higher care requirements in assisted living or memory care.

We attract employees at Chartwell because the jobs fit their skills, but we retain them because the environment and culture are meaningful in knowing they’re truly making someone’s life better.

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Make a difference at Chartwell

As Canada’s largest operator of senior housing, which includes retirement residences in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, and long-term care in Ontario and British Columbia. Chartwell is an employer of choice for many trained health care professionals from Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Directors of Care, and Guest Attendants.

Chartwell’s vision of “Making People’s Lives Better” includes a commitment to attract and retain employees who care about making a difference in its residents’ lives. The care teams provide a range of wellness services and care delivery designed to help residents achieve comfort and quality of life through Chartwell’s staff, whose highest priority is to help them feel their best every day.

Karen Kim - Chartwell

Karen Kim

Health & Wellness Manager, Chartwell New Edinburgh Square Retirement Residence

Karen Kim’s career is an excellent example of career growth at Chartwell. Kim is currently working as a Health and Wellness Manager at the Chartwell New Edinburgh Square Retirement Residence in Ottawa, Ont. “What always struck me is that Chartwell wants to improve the lives of its residents and staff,” she says. Karen immigrated to Canada in 2018 and started working for Chartwell as a PSW. After acquiring her nursing license, she was encouraged to apply for a management role. “Chartwell will train you not just for your job but for where that role could take you. You get so much support.”

Learn, grow, and develop

Continuous learning and development are a commitment Chartwell offers in attracting and retaining committed employees. One Chartwell program, in particular, seeks to support career growth: Chartwell’s Aspiring Leaders Program, which grows staff into leadership roles.

Katie Rivait - Chartwell

Katie-Lou Rivait

Health & Wellness Manager, Chartwell Oak Park LaSalle Retirement Residence

Katie-Lou Rivait, a Health and Wellness Manager at the Chartwell Oak Park LaSalle Retirement Residence in Windsor, Ont., saw her career flourish from student to manager through the Aspiring Leaders Program. Starting as a college student, Rivait has increasingly challenged herself to not only grow professionally in her care discipline but also in people leadership and management oversight. “I recommend working at Chartwell to anyone. We’re delivering exceptional care to everyone who walks through the door — residents, family, friends, and fellow workers.”

Exceptional care and service are at the heart of Chartwell’s commitment to its residents and staff. “Our staff feel a deep connection to residents,” says Colleen Laing, Vice President Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development at Chartwell Retirement Residences. “Not many roles in health care allow you to build trusted, consistent relationships with your clients like we can in senior living. We truly have great people doing great things at Chartwell.”

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Be a part of something bigger

The past two years have reminded Canadians of the importance of infection control and prevention measures, but more so in health care and senior living.

Chartwell staff have embraced the highest safety standards in keeping its residents and each other safe, healthy, and thriving under those challenges.

Most fulfilling is knowing how much our residents depend on staff for the important connections that come from never being alone. Is there a higher calling than being of service to seniors?

A company that cares

Chartwell is not only focused on delivering a great customer experience to its residents but also ensuring a culture of respect, inclusivity, and diversity for its employees.

Join the Chartwell team

“We attract employees at Chartwell because the jobs fit their skills, but we retain them because the environment and culture are meaningful in knowing they’re truly making someone’s life better,” says Laing.

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