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How Telemetry Registered Nurse Barbara Olas Is Inspiring the Nurses of the Future

barbara olas health care
barbara olas health care

Barbara Olas, a telemetry registered nurse (RN) from Toronto, talks about what inspired her to create motivational and educational content and resources.


What’s the most rewarding aspect of your career as a telemetry RN?

This is very easy to answer — knowing that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life by providing compassionate care is the most rewarding aspect. Nothing beats the feeling of making someone’s “worst day ever” a tiny bit better.


What advice do you have for new graduates starting their nursing careers?

Ask questions. You don’t know everything — I still don’t know everything — and no one expects you to know everything! You’re now dealing with human life and the last thing you’d want is to negatively affect your patients because you didn’t ask a question. Secondly, remember that these are humans you’re dealing with. They have feelings, they remember what you say, and they can hear what’s being said around them. Treat them with dignity and compassion.


Can you tell us about NurseIQ and @yournursingeducator?

NurseIQ is the small e-commerce business I started two years ago. I wanted to create physical resources that contained need-to-know nursing information for nursing students and nurses. Our best-seller is the Nursing Reference Card Bundle — a bundle of 15 various reference cards (which can be attached to a badge reel or lanyard) containing a variety of information such as code blue drug dosages, pediatric vital signs, trauma assessments, and so on. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the brand and the products, so I’m happy with everything thus far!

My Instagram page, @yournursingeducator, is what inspired me to create NurseIQ. On the Instagram page, I share motivational and educational nursing posts and videos. I started this page in 2017 because I couldn’t find anything like it. I had just come out of nursing school, so I knew how stressful and demanding everything can be. I thought to myself, if I can help another student get through this stressful schooling experience, I’ll be happy! The posts evolved from educational content to a mixture of day-in-the-life-of-a-nurse and nursing school education content. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that I’ve helped a student excel in school.

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