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It’s no secret that digital innovations have had a profound effect on how we live over the last few years. How we travel, shop, and consume media has been completely disrupted — in a good way, courtesy of companies like Apple, Uber, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, and Amazon.

But when it comes to accessing health care, that same digital revolution has been lagging behind. We still have to go digging for information on medical professionals and services, from dentists to mental health practitioners, who can help us. It’s time-consuming and archaic — kind of like listening to cassette tapes in your car or having to drive to the bank to deposit a cheque. 

There has to be a better way. Having access to high-quality health care is crucial to our wellness. It impacts our ability to earn a living, to enjoy life and do the things that bring us joy. And yet the health care industry has lagged behind others in terms of offering digital solutions for connecting Canadians to the most suitable resources. Fortunately, that is now changing. 

This unique digital health network makes getting the resources needed quick and easy with a one-stop shop.

A better way to access health care providers

Canadians know Sun Life primarily as an insurance provider, but it’s also a leading provider of employee benefits. It covers millions of plan members for essentials like prescription drugs, medical equipment/supplies, vision care, dental care, and paramedical services like chiropractors and massage therapists. That vast experience has provided valuable insight and connections to more than 150,000 health care providers.

Backed by Sun Life’s comprehensive understanding of what Canadians need and expect, and ratings from verified Sun Life plan members, the company was inspired to take health care to the next level with the launch of Lumino Health. This unique digital health network makes getting the resources needed quick and easy with a one-stop shop. It takes a TripAdvisor-like approach, with a database that includes information on health care providers ranked by criteria such as cost, ratings, and location. 

The other great benefit is that you can connect with health care professionals instantly to request an appointment, see if a provider is accepting patients, or find a new, top-rated meditation app.

Lumino Health infographic
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