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Future of Pharmacy

How a Digital Tool Helps Tackle Today’s Healthcare Issues

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When prescriptions are transmitted electronically, both patients and pharmacists benefit from reduced pharmacy errors, improved access to care and streamlined communication.

Over the last four years, the state of healthcare in Canada has been scrutinized and issues have become more visible. From inefficient processes and medication errors, to high costs, to a lack of connectivity between pharmacists, patients and healthcare providers, gaps still exist.


Finding pharmacy solutions to current challenges will have a profound effect on Canadian healthcare. Consider medication errors, for example.  According to a report by the Assurance and Improvement in Medication Safety Program, Ontario pharmacists reported more than 30,000 events over a period of 38 months, including incorrect drugs and dosage.

Digital tools to improve safety and efficiency

PrescribeIT is a national e-prescribing service operated by Canada Health Infoway with support from Health Canada. It enables prescribers to transmit prescriptions electronically directly from electronic medical records (EMR) to the management system of a pharmacy chosen by the patient. It’s a safer, more efficient system of medication management that helps reduce errors associated with handwritten prescriptions.

This digital system also maximizes efficiency and workflow by streamlining time-consuming tasks like manual data entry and handling of paper prescriptions. PrescribeIT allows for the automation of prescription transmission, saving time for both prescribers and pharmacists.

In an environment where healthcare costs continue to rise, PrescribeIT reduces the costs associated with traditional prescriptions, such as paper, printing, and faxes. The improved efficiency and coordination enabled by PrescribeIT can lead to better resource allocation and cost savings, from reduced labour requirements to less paper usage, across the healthcare system.

A seamless option that benefits patients

Right now, healthcare struggles with sharing information smoothly between different providers. PrescribeIT steps in to make things more connected by improving how prescribers, pharmacists, and others work together. It brings together electronic medical records (EMRs) and pharmacy management system (PMS) through a single unified platform with secure and private messaging.

Access to medication and healthcare services remain a critical issue, especially for patients in remote and underserved areas. PrescribeIT enhances access for patients, by allowing prescriptions to be sent electronically to any pharmacy in the network, regardless of the prescriber’s location. It also offers increased convenience for patients since they don’t have to visit a pharmacy in person to physically drop off paper prescriptions—particularly helpful for those who require regular medication refills.

Be part of the digital health revolution by embracing innovations, like PrescribeIT, that help improve the health of Canadians and efficiency across our healthcare system.

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