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Novartis Invests in the Montréal Health Innovation District to Foster a New Wave of Healthcare Partnerships

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Andrea Marazzi

Country President, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada

The launch of Novartis’ new Montréal head office heralds a renewed commitment to collaboration and innovation within Canada.

Novartis Canada is on a mission to reimagine medicine to improve and extend the lives of millions of patients across the country. Using innovative science and technology, the life sciences leader is striving to give renewed hope for patients with unmet medical issues by discovering and developing breakthrough treatments and exploring new ways to deliver them to patients. 


Novartis’ commitment to innovation goes hand in hand with its dedication to collaboration within Canadian healthcare. The launch of its new Montréal office underscores this commitment to building new and groundbreaking partnerships with stakeholders across the healthcare landscape.

The power of collaboration

Andrea Marazzi, the Country President at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada, giving a speech

Novartis Canada’s new office is located within the iconic Place Gare Viger and places the company in the heart of the Montréal’s Health Innovation District, a flourishing ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders and organizations dedicated to the creation and exchange of innovative ideas, and includes a hospital, university, government stakeholders, and many startup technology companies. 

“We are thrilled to be part of this progressive and invigorating district of Montréal as we continue to reimagine medicine,” says Andrea Marazzi, Country President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada. “Our new head office puts us closer to our stakeholders and has been developed to facilitate true collaboration and partnership. It is through these collaborations that we can maximize our impact for patients in Canada, and this new site in Montréal is a symbol of our commitment to this approach. It will allow us to partner more closely with patients, healthcare and innovation partners, as we strive to deliver innovative new treatments in the future.”

Our new head office puts us closer to our stakeholders and has been developed to facilitate true collaboration and partnership.

Cross-sector collaboration has been deeply embedded within Novartis’ formula for future innovation and success. For example, within multiple sclerosis, it has partnered with Montréal-based Innodem Neurosciences to explore how biomarkers could provide clinicians with a more comprehensive and personalized approach to managing the disease, and lead to more proactive care for patients. 

While, in Ontario, it’s forging bold new public-private partnerships with cardiology groups to establish a network of secondary prevention, nurse practitioner enabled, traditional, and virtual clinics. These clinics are aiming to improve follow-up care, shorten wait times, and improve long-term outcomes and quality of life for cardiovascular disease patients. 

This innovative approach to partnerships, the company believes, will help it to develop and deliver improved health solutions that it would not achieve alone. 

Ongoing investments within Canada

In 2023, Novartis has renewed its commitment and investment within Canada with the launch of two cutting-edge new offices. In addition to the new Montréal head office, which will support the company’s 650 associates across Quebec, Novartis also opened a new office in the MaRS Discovery District of Toronto in February. With its investment into these two spaces, Novartis is strategically placed within two of North America’s leading life science innovation hubs.

In addition, the company is investing $30 million each year into its research and development activities in Canada. Currently, Novartis is sponsoring more than 150 clinical trials in a number of therapeutic areas to identify potential future treatments.

With many patients continuing to live with persistent unmet medical issues, Novartis remains committed to the exploration, development and launch of innovative and groundbreaking treatments within serious and growing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, breast, and prostate cancer. 

“We are convinced that to address the most pressing needs of the patient community and the healthcare system, we must work together to design new and innovative ways of reimagining healthcare,” stated Pasquale Frega, Novartis LACan Innovative Medicines President.

As the life science industry continues to evolve to more effectively tackle the persisting health issues in Canada, Novartis is pushing the boundaries of cross-sector collaboration to continue innovating for those that need it the most, as the company continues on its journey to Reimagine Medicine. 

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