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Transforming Canadian Health Care

The Future of Health Care? It’s in a Pharmacy Near You

Creating Healthtab Account_Avricore Health
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Creating Healthtab Account_Avricore Health
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Hector Bremner_Avricore Health

Hector Bremner

CEO, Avricore Health

By providing increased accessibility to clinical services and actionable health data, Avricore’s HealthTab is changing the future of health care.

The state of chronic disease in Canadians is staggering. In fact, 44 per cent of people over age 20 already have a chronic illness.* “The problem is, our system is focused on waiting until we’re really sick,” says Hector Bremner, CEO of Avricore Health. “We need to prioritize early detection and prevention.”


This issue is propelled by a lack of accessibility to basic primary care. To receive help, the system is designed to direct people through clinics, ER’s, and laboratories, which are all bursting at the seams. Because of this, people’s health concerns are being addressed too late, requiring extensive care. This cycle is not only detrimental to the patient but also costly to the public health purse.

Accessible results and resources

A community-focused, data-driven, patient-centred company, Avricore has an innovative, working solution to bridge the long-unresolved gaps in the health-care system. They’re implementing vital technology into local pharmacies through HealthTab

A fully integrated screening network, HealthTab’s cloud-based software, along with trusted testing technology from partners like Abbott, can check up to 23 health markers relating to chronic conditions and bacterial infections with results in just 10-minutes. It’s patient-facing, easy to access, and already in over 400 pharmacies across the country. 

Impressive initial data for the point-of-care platform confirmed that those who tested had a high prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, and more. “Pharmacists are underutilized frontline workers,” explains Hector. “Through HealthTab, they’re able to help patients take pre-emptive measures to avoid getting really sick.”

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