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Living with Hearing Loss? CHHA Is Here to Support You

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Lee Pigeau

National Executive Director, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) is the nation’s leading consumer organization representing the nearly 4-million Canadians living with hearing loss and their families.

About CHHA

With a national network from coast to coast to coast, CHHA works cooperatively with professionals, service providers, government, and others to provide life-enhancing information. We support and advocate to ensure people with hearing loss overcome the barriers in all aspects of their lives. CHHA has a global reputation for developing and delivering a wide range of initiatives when working with people with hearing loss. As a leader in the sector, we provide guidance on various policy initiatives at all levels of government, identify best practices, develop, and test the technology which has advanced the quality of life for people living with hearing loss. The pandemic has made it very challenging for many Canadians with hearing loss to navigate and have accessible services available.

Our community outreach in every province is vital when providing valuable information on a wide range of topics through our CHHA blog posts and a series of webinars that include issues about communication strategies, managing mental health, and accessible virtual environments. Our CHHA National online peer mentoring program provides one-on-one support designed to help individuals acquire skills in managing their hearing loss in everyday life.

Our partnerships are vital with several organizations and businesses to further bring awareness and advocacy about hearing loss and hearing healthcare. Creating awareness about barrier-free communication through transparent lens masks through our partnership with HuMask, implement person-centred hearing care locally and globally with IDA. This year we are working with the Hearing Assistive Technology group, which will help deploy and leverage hearing loop technology in public spaces and help “loop canada.”

CHHA provides

Assist Canadians living with hearing loss to communicate successfully and overcome communication barriers. 

Public Awareness Increase understanding of hearing loss and hearing loss issues across Canada.

Help Canadians living with hearing loss live effectively with their hearing loss through adaptive and innovative technology and other resources. 

Act as the voice in public and private sectors for Canadians living with hearing loss.  

Be a part of the CHHA community

To learn more about and access the resources CHHA can provide to you and your family to help you overcome the barriers to living with hearing loss, visit our website chha.ca. You can also locate a network in your community.

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