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You likely know someone with arthritis. It’s Canada’s most prevalent chronic health condition.

When the disease strikes, it often has a dramatic impact, bringing pain, fatigue and restricted mobility.

But getting arthritis is not a fact of life.

“Staying active, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the muscles around your joints strong can you help you lower your risk of developing arthritis,” says Dr. Siân Bevan, Chief Science Officer at the Arthritis Society.

If you start to feel pain in one or more joints for six months or longer though, it may be time to talk to your healthcare professional.

“Early diagnosis is important, because it can slow the progression of the disease and help you maintain your quality of life,” says Dr. Bevan. “Left untreated, arthritis can cause permanent joint damage and other changes in your health.”

The Arthritis Society is here to help.

Are you at risk for arthritis? Take the Arthritis Society’s online risk assessment quiz to find out.

Think you might have arthritis? Take the Arthritis Society’s online symptom checker to find out.

If you have already been diagnosed with arthritis by a healthcare professional, the Arthritis Society’s self-advocacy toolkit and other lifestyle resources can help you learn to manage your disease and get the support you need.

Reduce your risk

While you can’t change all risk factors for arthritis, such as your age, family history and sex assigned at birth, you do have control over others. Reduce your risk of developing arthritis by:

  • Staying active
  • Eating well
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Not smoking

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