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Improving Early Breast Cancer Detection Through Real-world Evidence

Doctor doing blood work on cancer patient
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Doctor doing blood work on cancer patient
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Syantra and Calian on a mission to increase access to breast cancer screening in Canada.

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection means better outcomes. And with approximately 29,000 new breast cancer diagnoses in Canada last year,¹ opportunities for early detection are critical.

Syantra Inc. is a precision medicine company changing the way cancer is detected and treated. Its flagship product, SYANTRA DX™ BREAST CANCER, is a non-invasive and high-performance blood test for the detection of breast cancer at the earliest stages. Syantra’s platform technology measures gene expression biomarkers from whole blood and uses algorithms, developed with machine learning, to identify a signal for breast cancer with an overall accuracy of 92 per cent.²

THE SYANTRA DX™ BREAST CANCER blood test launched nationally in 2022 through a partnership with Calian® Group Ltd. Syantra’s collaboration with Calian means more than an extensive healthcare provider network. Calian enables efficient access to test administration and data collection for generating real-world evidence (RWE) through access to a world-class patient support program and leveraging Calian® Nexi™, a proprietary enterprise resource management platform while Syantra interprets the data collected and test results. RWE studies support market access initiatives to understand how SYANTRA DX™ BREAST CANCER can augment current screening pathways.

“Our collaboration with Calian is helping Syantra collect very valuable patient data in Canada, and it will also expand to the USA and Europe. Together, we are enhancing the breast cancer detection toolkit,” says Tina Rinker, Ph.D., Syantra co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer.

“We’re proud that Nexi™ is supporting advancements in cancer research and enabling Canadians to navigate the healthcare system — from rural communities to urban city centres,” adds Kaytlin Sadler, VP Patient Solutions at Calian. 

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2 Syantra DX™ Breast Cancer has been evaluated in clinical studies for women between the ages of 25 to 80. The data infers an accuracy of 92.2% for women between 25 to 80, See the European Journal of Cancer for details on IDBC clinical study interim data. and 98.5% for women under 50. 

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