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Trying to Reduce Sugars? Splenda Is a Sweet, Safe and Reliable Option

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Committed to helping all Canadians live healthier, happier lives, Splenda makes it deliciously simple to reduce sugar intake.

Diabetes, a chronic condition that impacts how the body turns food into energy, can reduce one’s lifespan by five to fifteen years.1  This striking statistic highlights the significance of reducing one’s sugar intake to help manage the risk developing the disease.

Almost one in ten Canadians 20 years and above has been diagnosed with diabetes.3  Maintaining a healthy diet, and specifically monitoring carbohydrate intake, is a critical aspect of diabetes management. It is also an important lifestyle choice for those looking to take proactive measures for their overall health.


Maintaining a balanced diet without compromising taste

As a proud supporter of Diabetes Canada and a company that offers diabetes-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy, Splenda has developed a longstanding reputation as a trusted partner in a consumer’s journey to reducing sugar and supporting healthy habits.

Splenda, the #1 low- and no-calorie sweetener brand in Canada,4  has an entire product portfolio that includes the famous Splenda Original Sweetener and plant-based options such as Splenda Stevia and Splenda Monk Fruit sweeteners, which are available in packets, pouches, jars, and liquid!

When used in place of sugar, zero calorie sweeteners (including Splenda® Zero Calorie Sweetener) help to avoid blood sugar and insulin spikes caused by food and drinks with added sugars.

Accessible, reliable alternatives 

Splenda is making it easier for Canadians to reduce added sugars and take control of their health. It provides a diverse range of reliable sugar alternatives suitable for individuals managing diabetes or aiming to maintain optimal health, offering accessible options for all. Well-known for more than just its iconic yellow packets, Splenda is highly regarded as a safe and trustworthy mission-driven brand. 

Visit to learn more about its mission and product portfolio, and to sign up for weekly recipes.


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