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More than 564,000 people in Canada and 50 million worldwide are living with dementia. While significant advances are being made in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, greater attention and resources should also be invested to enhance the quality of life for those living with the condition and their families.


What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Gloria Lattanzio
CEO, Cedarhurst Dementia Care Home

Cedarhurst Dementia Care Home is a small, charitable, not-for-profit retirement home exclusively devoted to people living with dementia.

“Cedarhurst is once again at the forefront of transforming the way dementia care is being delivered through a profoundly important and exciting shift from task-based ‘care’ to a ‘living’ culture,” states CEO Gloria Lattanzio. At the core of this change is the belief that people living with dementia, like all of us, want to live with purpose, joy, and most importantly, love.

Can we quantify love? Ms. Lattanzio believes it can be quantified and Cedarhurst is partnering with academic institutions to do just that. Currently, Cedarhurst is on track to become a national demonstration and teaching centre that helps enhance the capacity of other care centres to create ‘living’ cultures, because we believe every person living with dementia deserves to experience joy and love.
So, what does love have to do with it? Ms. Lattanzio believes the answer is, everything.

Visit Cedarhurst Dementia Care Home to learn more.


A People-First Approach to Dementia Care

Stephanie Sanborn
Director of Innovation and Education, Seasons Retirement Communities

At Seasons Retirement Communities, our philosophy is deeply rooted in person-centred care.

Our Stoney Creek location has a unique memory care program that’s designed specifically for those living with dementia. There, our family of staff adopt the Embrace Today™ memory care philosophy that requires staff to understand and get to know each and every resident, so we can provide hyper-personalized, positive and meaningful care.

Another key differentiator at Seasons is our dedication to healthy, active living which we know is vital to overall health and happiness, but also contributes to brain health.

We also know that learning a new skill — like a new language or instrument — promotes brain health, which is what inspired our signature structured learning program, Fire It Up.

Visit Seasons Retirement Communities to learn more.

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