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Diabetes Hasn’t Stopped Max Domi from Achieving His Dreams

Max Domi
Max Domi

Sponsored by: Ascensia Diabetes Care Canada Inc.

According to Diabetes Canada, approximately 11 million Canadians are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. A recent survey commissioned by the Canadian Mental Health Association found that 31% of 18 to 34-year olds consider diabetes to be epidemic in Canada. The good news is that more and more Canadians with diabetes, like professional hockey player Max Domi, are learning to thrive with the condition thanks to innovative new technologies from Ascensia Diabetes Care that simplify the self-management of diabetes.

“I’m honoured to be working with Ascensia to raise awareness for diabetes and to empower people with diabetes with smarter tools for more effective self-management,” says Domi, who has Type 1 diabetes (T1D). “I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 12 but it didn’t stop me from achieving my goals of being a professional hockey player.”

Living with diabetes has never stopped me from accomplishing my dreams, so it shouldn’t stop you.

Balancing diabetes and a busy career

People with diabetes can expect to live active, independent, and vital lives if they make a lifelong commitment to careful diabetes management. Diabetes education is an important first step and other healthy living practices like regular physical activity help to lower blood glucose levels. Eating right and maintaining a healthy weight are important elements in managing diabetes, as are reducing stress levels and high blood pressure. Domi has not allowed his Type 1 diabetes to stop him from becoming a first-round professional hockey draft choice and one of the most exciting young players in the league today, despite requiring regular insulin injections.

“Living with diabetes is just something I’ve always had to be mindful of on and off the ice,” states Domi. “I’ve had to make lifestyle changes to balance my career and diabetes.”

Max Domi using the device

The importance of the right tools for self-management

Diabetes management extends beyond receiving the correct dosage of insulin throughout the day; it’s also about understanding how life choices impact blood glucose levels. That’s why Ascensia Diabetes Care has released new personalized features for the CONTOUR® DIABETES app in Canada, including the My Patterns component, which provides actionable, personalized advice by intelligently analyzing the results of blood glucose tests.

“I’m excited to help launch the My Patterns feature because it gives people with diabetes the tools to make healthy lifestyle adjustments for improved self-management,” says Domi.

Connecting directly to the remarkably accurate CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter, the CONTOUR® DIABETES app has been developed using a behavioural science concept called the Information, Motivation and Behavioural Skills Model that has been studied in chronic disease, including diabetes. The feature informs users of ways to manage their diabetes more effectively through guidance, advice, reminders, and progress reports.

Being able to manage his diabetes easily and efficiently is essential for Max Domi. Now 23 years old, Domi is active on and off the ice, advocating for Canadians living with diabetes to achieve their dreams and live remarkable lives.

“Living with diabetes has never stopped me from accomplishing my dreams,” he says. “So it shouldn’t stop you.”

Max Domi using the CONTOUR® DIABETES app in a locker room
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