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Adrian Wagg

President, The Canadian Continence Foundation

Nearly 10% of all Canadians experience urinary incontinence, with that figure expected to rise as baby boomers age. According to a study conducted by Canadian Continence Foundation study, people suffering from incontinence report strong negative emotions, including embarrassment (84.3%), frustration (83.1%), and feeling discouraged (73.4%).

“Incontinence is not just a minor lifestyle condition. The causes are many, as it’s actually a symptom of a number of underlying medical conditions,” says Dr. Adrian Wagg, President of the Canadian Continence Foundation.

While stress (exertional) incontinence and urgency incontinence are the most common forms, there are other causes.  Incontinence can result from changes in the body that occur in association with aging but also vaginal childbirth, diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s or as a consequence of medications or surgery.

Thankfully, there are multiple methods of controlling incontinence, including medications, injections, surgery, and self-management alternatives.

“Techniques including Kegel exercises, bladder training, and changes to diet all hold the potential to help people regain control of their bladders,” says Dr. Wagg. “Ultimately, incontinence can almost always be cured, improved, or successfully managed.”

Gavin Davidson

Helping Canadians with Incontinence Issues Feel Safe and Secure


Laurie Diwakar

President, Rearz

With The Canadian Continence Foundation reporting that 74.5% of survey respondents modify day-to-day activities because of incontinence, it’s essential that Canadians with incontinence issues are able to feel safe and secure throughout their day. That’s why reliable and comfortable adult diapers are one of the most important weapons in the fight against incontinence.

Rearz, one of the leaders in the adult diaper industry, is a Canadian company with more than 30 years of experience and an ever-expanding line of adult diapers. Rearz products are toxin-free, and produced under equitable working conditions, while the company practises fair trade and donates a substantial amount of diapers to those
in need.

“Our focus is on providing products that are both comfortable and highly-functional,” says Rearz President Laurie Diwakar.

Rearz’s full range of adult incontinence products is available at rearz.com and through a number of digital and traditional retail channels.

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