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Marita Zaffiro

President, Marchese Health Care

Why should I care about Urinary Incontinence (UI)?

Because 50% of women will experience UI during their lifetime. The risk increases after we have children, and as we get older. You are not alone if you have to squeeze when you sneeze! It’s also common if we are carrying some extra pounds (never!), diabetics, and in men with prostate issues, although it can happen to anyone.

Why do you think there is a stigma associated with UI?

Stigma keeps people in the dark about many great solutions that already exist. Sadly, only about 25% of people with UI symptoms have even discussed the issue with their doctor or pharmacist. Let’s shine the light!

When we were kids, using the bathroom on our own was a rite of passage that came with high praise. Losing this control, even a little, can feel embarrassing. Adults don’t want to wear ‘diapers’. The sound, feel, and look of most plastic and paper products can also be off-putting, and prevents many people from getting out of the house and living life confidently.

How can we reduce the stigma associated with UI?

Break the taboo. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor, pharmacist, friends, or family about UI. You might be surprised at how many people have experiences to share. This idea is already starting to gain momentum. You can still live life confidently, and with dignity!

Can UI be prevented? What treatment options do you suggest?

There are many good preventative approaches, and these are strongly encouraged. Tips are available at WeareverCanada.ca. When prevention is not enough, some forms of UI benefit from prescription medicines or surgery. Ask your doctor about these.

A variety of products are available to help manage your symptoms. Paper and plastic pads, liners, pull ups and diapers used to be the only options, but not any longer. WeareverTM is now available in Canada! Wearever™ is real underwear with real leak protection for mild to moderate UI. It can even be washed up to 200 times.

What makes Wearever™ better?

Wearever™ offers dignity, not diapers. They look, sound, and feel like real underwear…because they are! You can live life confidently, knowing you have all-day protection against leaks due to mild to moderate UI.

Disposables take 500 years to break down in landfills. Washable, environmentally-friendly Wearever™ underwear is better for the planet. And it’s easy to take care of – just toss it in with your laundry!

You can save hundreds of dollars a year in costly throw away disposable products. Wearever™ can be machine washed and dried like normal underwear, up to 200 times, making it more cost-effective.

5 Misconceptions about incontinence

  1. Incontinence is a normal part of aging
  2. I am alone, not many people live with incontinence
  3. It will go away by itself
  4. Nothing can be done to stop or treat incontinence, I just have to live with it
  5. Only surgery can fix it

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