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Living with Lupus

A Fierce Commitment to Improving the Lives of Lupus Patients

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Lupus affects over 1 in 1,000 Canadians. Lupus Canada aims to increase public awareness, fund research, and support patients through advocacy.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that’s characterized by inflammation in either one or more parts of the body. It can target any organ, in any individual, at any time. Often referred to as the disease of 1,000 faces, its complex presentation makes for a challenging, and often lengthy, diagnosis process and can leave patients feeling discouraged.


More than one in every 1,000 Canadian men, women, and children are living with lupus today, a statistic that we hope to see more commonly understood and discussed amongst the general public and medical community. We hope to see more expedited diagnosis times (they’re approximately seven years, at present), leading to more quickly managed patient symptoms and patient support.

Lupus Canada being the only national organization focused on lupus research, advocacy, awareness, and education in Canada, we’re fiercely committed to improving the lives of people living with lupus, their families, and their loved ones by investing in initiatives that bring us closer to dedicated treatments and ultimately a cure.


Lupus Canada strives to support research that has the greatest potential to improve the health or lives of people living with lupus and their families. These high-impact studies range in focus from basic life science to applied clinical research with the intent to uncover the causes of lupus, understand its progression, and accelerate the search for meaningful treatment. 

Public awareness

Due to its multi-faceted nature, lupus isn’t an easily recognizable disease and doesn’t lend itself to being widely known by the public. It’s therefore necessary to provide knowledge and create awareness among Canadians with campaigns like Put on Purple for Lupus, World Lupus Day, and various other initiatives.


Lupus Canada created our Scholarship program to help students living with lupus to succeed in attaining a post-secondary education. Through the financial support of the Lupus Canada Scholarship, we intend to recognize and raise awareness of the achievement of students living with lupus who have taken a positive and ambitious outlook in achieving their academic goals.


Lupus Canada’s advocacy effort seeks to educate and inform people impacted by lupus and those who care for them about their legal rights and entitlement. We also strive to work with politicians and government to enhance policies and legislation affecting people living with lupus to ensure all Canadians impacted by lupus have equitable access to care and treatment.

We’re dedicated to continuing to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by lupus through these various initiatives.

For more information about lupus, visit lupuscanada.org.

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