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Tihana Deanovic

Tihana Deanovic

Founder and Clinical Director

Healing the mind often requires a holistic approach that goes beyond the mental to incorporate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing too.

It won’t surprise anyone to learn that eating a healthy and balanced diet, staying physically active, getting enough sleep, and managing stress are some of the key components of good health. What is sometimes more surprising to people is learning about the mind-body-heart connection and how intricately interconnected our mental, physical, and spiritual health can be.

Heartsbloom is an inclusive wellness studio that specializes in a holistic and naturistic approach to counselling, therapy, and nutrition. It focuses on the mind-body-heart connection through various therapeutic tools, including psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, naturopathic medicine, and mindfulness-based spiritual practices, and its clients are seeing wonderful results.

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Healing the body to heal the mind

Psychotherapy is one of the roots at Heartsbloom. “There are modalities and exercises we can do to build resiliency, inner confidence, and self-esteem,” says Tihana Deanovic, Founder and Clinical Director of Heartsbloom. “Psychotherapy is an insightful way to learn about yourself. That awareness then inspires action for change.”

Deanovic goes beyond psychotherapy and the logical mind when approaching clients’ mental health challenges, though. “The body really impacts mental health,” she says. “Healing the body can heal the mind. Something like depression or anxiety could be as simple as a digestive disorder, a nutrient deficiency, that in turn affects the thyroid or adrenals or liver from functioning optimally.”

By correcting clients’ physical imbalances through holistic nutrition and naturopathic services, Deanovic and the team at Heartsbloom are often able to resolve mental health concerns. Deanovic attributes this to the mind-body-heart connection, and it’s why Heartsbloom takes a holistic, integrative approach to counselling, therapy, and nutrition.

A unique approach to mental health

Deanovic embodies the holistic approach she recommends. Her certifications have grown over the years as a reflection of her own healing journey, and she’s now a registered psychotherapist and a certified clinical hypnotherapist, meditation and mindfulness teacher, holistic nutritionist, and Reiki practitioner. She also offers past life regression and other spiritual wellness therapies for her more spiritually- and open-minded clients.

At the core of it all is a heart-centered approach. “I instinctively demonstrate a natural therapeutic and compassionate focus on healing, so I wanted to create a practice that would model kindness and compassion in a world where I think we’re really starved for that,” says Deanovic.

Anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders, and low self-esteem are some of the more common reasons that Heartsbloom clients show up seeking support. Others are dealing with grief and loss, abuse, or trauma. “Our services and approach are designed to meet the specific needs of the clients who come in,” says Deanovic. “We help people to see their life in a different way. And we shape our heart-centered interventions to meet our clients’ needs. Every treatment plan is customized. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.”

Discover the power of embracing the mind-body-heart connection and of taking a holistic approach to mental health. To learn more about Heartsbloom, visit

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