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Get a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis in the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Sleep disorders are common, but long clinic wait times make getting diagnosed challenging. Sleep Efficiency offers at-home sleep tests with quick results.

Getting a good night’s sleep is an uphill battle for many Canadians, but an undiagnosed sleep disorder shouldn’t be an added burden. Unfortunately, lengthy wait times at sleep clinics — up to a year or more depending on the location — can leave people in the dark about their own health.

If you snore (or your partner’s snoring is keeping you up at night) and you’re wondering if it’s a symptom of a larger problem, it might be time for a sleep test. But the traditional sleep test experience is an uncomfortable ordeal. Patients have to spend a night in a hospital or a lab, hooked up to numerous electrodes and wires and under constant video surveillance. While comprehensive, this setup can be intrusive and disruptive, making it difficult to get a natural night’s sleep. It’s no wonder that at-home sleep tests are an increasingly attractive option for people across the country.

Sleep apnea is more common than you think

Not everyone who snores has obstructive sleep apnea, but snoring is a common symptom. “One in four Canadians are either at risk for sleep apnea or already have it, and about 80 per cent are undiagnosed due to limited testing availability or a lack of awareness,” says Andrew Holmes, a registered polysomnographic technologist with 20 years of experience in sleep medicine. He’s also the founder of Sleep Efficiency, an Ottawa-based at-home sleep test company.

“We have to get away from this preconceived notion that sleep apnea is always due to excess weight,” Holmes says. “People of any size can have sleep apnea, and I’ve tested folks well within a healthy range who have some of the worst sleep apnea I’ve ever seen. The condition does not discriminate.”

Sleep apnea is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep, which can lead to fragmented sleep and various health issues like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and even stroke. Fortunately, the technology behind at-home sleep tests — which can diagnose sleep apnea and other conditions — has come a long way. They’re clinically validated and approved by regulatory bodies like the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and at Sleep Efficiency, all the results are reviewed by a qualified respirologist. Patients also receive a detailed copy of the report, and the service includes a virtual consultation to go over it in detail.

Home sleep tests offer easy setup and rapid results

Sleep Efficiency’s at-home test consists of just three components: a probe that goes on

the finger, a wrist-worn device, and a nodule placed on the chest. This straightforward setup allows patients to conduct the test in the comfort of their own beds, with all their familiar routines, which may lead to more accurate results that reflect their typical sleep patterns. After all, few people would list “hospital” as an ideal location for a good night’s sleep — especially those with mobility issues, caregiving responsibilities, or even trauma that might preclude a hospital environment for sound sleep.

And while traditional sleep lab tests often involve long wait times, home-based tests from Sleep Efficiency promise results within 48 hours of test completion — no matter your location. This rapid turnaround is especially crucial for people in remote areas where access to specialized facilities is limited and receiving a timely diagnosis can be life-saving.

Don’t let sleep apnea disrupt the peace of your bedroom. Visit and order your sleep test today! No physician referral required. 

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