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Finally, There’s a New, Easier Way to Test for Sleep Apnea

Thinking about getting tested for sleep apnea? Here’s some information to consider and an alternative testing method.  

The importance of sleep hygiene cannot be understated – it’s a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy life. Unfortunately, one in three Canadians (12 to 13 million people) suffer from a sleep disorder. There are many factors that can impact one’s sleep, and one of them is a common health condition.  

A person experiencing sleep apnea will stop and restart breathing multiple times while they’re asleep. Symptoms include snoring, daytime fatigue, poor sleep, gasping for air while sleeping, headaches, and poor concentration. 

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type, which is when a person repeatedly stops breathing while asleep because throat muscles may intermittently relax and block the airway. This can hinder the body from receiving proper oxygen flow, and can be very serious, especially when it goes undiagnosed.  


Going unchecked is dangerous

Untreated sleep apnea can increase the risk of a stroke, sexual disfunction, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, memory decrease, and increase irritability and depression. It’s proven to be linked to coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and metabolic diseases like diabetes.  

Shockingly, about 85% of sleep apnea remains undiagnosed, even though it’s increased three-fold in mortality. What is perhaps contributing to the lack of diagnoses is the traditional way in which sleep apnea is diagnosed, which requires patients to go to a sleep lab to perform extensive studies.  

This can take multiple weeks, people may have to travel significant distances, and wait months between referral and diagnosis. Plus, people’s sleep in a sleep lab may be worse because they’re in an unfamiliar, uncomfortable location – so their results may not even be entirely accurate.  Luckily, a local company has stepped in with an alternative option.  

Quick, easy solution 

Since 2009, Air Voel has been helping Canadians sleep better. Their specialists provide clients with PAP machines, sleep guides, extensive resources, and offer continuous support through the sleep therapy process. And, they have an FDA and Health Canada-approved at-home sleep apnea test

It’s a non-invasive, private alternative test that’s incredibly effective and easily administered in the patient’s own bed. It’s convenient, has a quicker turnaround time than normal sleep tests, and costs only $250 per patient with no hidden fees.   

Home Sleep Testing is simple. First, patients complete a short intake form. Once their testing equipment arrives, they sleep with it for one night. Sleep patterns are recorded and transmitted through a downloadable phone app. Within 24 hours, the recorded data is analyzed and interpreted by licensed sleep physicians. The results are sent directly to the patient, which includes graphical reports, a PAP therapy prescription, and a formal diagnosis.  

Get treatment faster 

From diagnosis to treatment takes about 3-5 business days, and experienced Sleep Coaches (RN or RPN) will then contact patients to guide them through the next steps. Because the patient is recording their sleep in the place they’re most comfortable sleeping, the data is likely to be a more accurate reflection of sleep positions, architecture, and breathing abnormalities.  

Air Voel is proud to provide Canadians with an easy, accessible testing option.

To get a sleep apnea diagnosis from the comfort of your home, visit airvoel.ca.

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