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Sonia’s tips on living a happy and fulfilling life

Q&A with Sonia Jhas
Q&A with Sonia Jhas
Sonia Jhas. Mindset and Wellness Expert on living a happy life

Sonia Jhas

Mindset and Wellness Expert

Mediaplanet interviewed the inspiring Sonia Jhas on mental health and how to live your happy life! Through her experiences she brings awareness for others to love themselves and be happy.

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Have you ever struggled with your own mental health?

I’ve absolutely struggled with my own mental health. For many years, I struggled with identity, purpose, body image, and all the negative self-talk that comes from not being aligned with one’s values. It took a lot of patience, learning, and willpower to pull myself out of the vortex.

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How do you live a happy life?

Living a happy life begins with releasing the “end destination.” The “end destination” is the belief that happiness is only ten pounds, a promotion, or 100 followers away. It’s the belief that if you struggle enough now, you’ll end up at a finish line with a “You Are Happy Now” trophy waiting for you. The “end destination” does not exist. When you stop chasing that abstract place where happiness supposedly lives, you allow yourself to create real happiness in the journey. You allow yourself the freedom to be “enough” exactly where you are, instead of speeding toward some finish line. You make space for happiness in your day-to-day life, instead of doing whatever it takes to get “there” faster.  

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What are small changes for others to live a happy life?

Some small changes to make to start living a happy life include: 

  • Aim to incorporate some kind of movement into each day. Even just 15 minutes of daily exercise can drastically improve your quality of life. Along with all the physical benefits that come from exercise, you’ll also experience heightened energy levels, mental clarity, and a boost to your mood. When you take care of your body, you take care of your mind (and vice versa!)
  • Practicing affirmations can help ward off negative thoughts and self-talk by helping us stay clear on our “why” and reinforcing what’s important to us. I practice affirmations every morning— just a few potent mantras that I repeat quietly to myself to start my day off on the right foot. This helps me feel centred and ready to operate from a place of intention. 
  • Track and celebrate your progress! Seeing your progress reflected back at you and rewarding yourself for it will help you feel satisfied and accomplished. Celebrating yourself for showing up each step of the way will help fuel your motivation, keep you on-track, and build positive momentum.
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How do you help guide others to fulfilling their lives and be happy?

I tell everyone that the fundamental first step toward fulfillment and happiness is clarifying your core values. Core values are the things that matter to you, and only you. They help guide your boundaries and goals, and determine how you conceptualize your ideal self. When you’re clear on what really matters to you, you let go of the things that external influences have told you to want. Living in alignment with your values will allow you to operate from a place of authenticity and alignment. You’ll find more ease in your life, a greater level of satisfaction with your decisions and actions, and an overall sense of self-confidence. To uncover your core values, think about where you want to focus your energy going forward. What brings you joy? What gives your life meaning? What are you truly passionate about?

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