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MINDCURE is here to create Mental Wealth™, taking people from dependency and despair to hope and healing.

Pain comes in many forms and from various causes. Untreated brain injuries and trauma, such as concussions, can lead to an array of long-term consequences including neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric problems, mood disorders, addiction challenges, and an overall altered quality of life.

Whatever the cause, physiological and psychological pain costs the world profoundly in terms of productivity loss and drug treatment cost.

The Current Cost of Pain:

Data shows that current pain management strategies and mental health care treatments aren’t working for many people.

$85.54 billion
The global pain management drugs market is expected to rise to USD $85.54 billion by 2027

$3.51 billion
The annual migraine drugs market is expected to reach USD $3.51 billion by 2026

42 million
people worldwide suffer a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion annually.

The reality is that the world cannot afford the costs of the ongoing pain and mental healthcare crisis. Yet the pain management industry has remained relatively unchanged for decades, while promising neuroregenerative drugs such as psilocybin, ibogaine, and ketamine are restricted and stunted by regulations and stigmas.

In response to this call for effective solutions to pain, MINDCURE brings together a team of world-renowned experts, including Dr. Dan Engle, Dr. Jason Wallach, Hamilton Morris, Dr. Wolfram Tetzlaff, and Dr. Ryan Hartwell to develop research, technology, and partnerships that break down existing barriers and open up new opportunities to better treat those in need.

MINDCURE’s greatest contribution to humanity will be to alleviate suffering for those affected by addiction, trauma and mental illness.

“MINDCURE’s greatest contribution to humanity will be to alleviate suffering for those affected by addiction, trauma, and mental illness,” says Kelsey Ramsden, President & CEO, MINDCURE.

In its pursuit to better treat pain and mental illness, they’re building upon the current landscape of research into psychedelic compounds by engaging in product discovery, synthesizing novel drug compounds, and developing psychedelic treatment protocols to treat:

Cartoon brain

traumatic brain injuries (TBI)


Animated Skull

cluster headaches

neuropathic pain

treatment-resistant mood disorders (TRMD)

Additionally, a significant factor limiting effective solutions to the pain epidemic is a lack of accessibility and transparency into patient and research data, insights, as well as feedback that could otherwise help professionals optimize their assessments, treatments, and diagnoses.

In order to assist those suffering and those doing the work to help them, MINDCURE has developed iSTRYM, an A.I.-driven digital therapeutics platform that combines psychedelic protocols, therapeutic research, procedural information, and deployment of care models.

iSTRYM provides a solution to the existing gaps in care for patients between sessions, disparities in procedures and protocols, and barriers in communication between practitioners and researchers — creating a new understanding of hope and healing and believes that it’s time to change how the world sees and treats pain and mental illness.

Investing in MINDCURE means investing in a complete cycle of wellness opportunities — from research to the commercialization of psychedelics and technology that are disrupting how the world treats pain.

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