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Michael Pizzorno

CEO, Salient Medical Solutions

MelanieTimms_Senior Product Development and Commercialization Manager_EltaMD

Melanie Timms

Senior Product Development and Commercialization Manager, EltaMD

Safe and effective mineral-based sunscreen absorbs quickly, calms and protects sensitive skin and fights the signs of aging.

You have probably heard it is important to wear sunscreen every day, all year round. Many people skip this step though, because they have used sunscreen that is messy or greasy or leaves a white cast on their skin.

But wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day is one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer, which accounts for one-third of all new cases of cancer in Canada each year.

The good news is, EltaMD offers weightless formulas that absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a white cast. This makes it easy to protect yourself from the sun. “The beauty of EltaMD is that it combines sun care and skincare. It goes on like a skin cream. Once you wear it, you really understand. It does not feel like you are wearing anything on your skin,” says Michael Pizzorno, CEO of Salient Medical Solutions, which distributes EltaMD products in Canada.

Dermatologists use it themselves

EltaMD is the No. 1 dermatologist recommended, trusted and used professional sunscreen brand in North America. In fact, third-party research found that 79% of dermatologists dispense EltaMD sunscreen in their clinic and 74% use EltaMD themselves.

EltaMD is formulated with zinc oxide, which is the safest active sunscreen ingredient for even the most sensitive skin. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which absorb the sun’s harmful rays, zinc oxide is a natural mineral compound that sits on top of the skin and physically blocks and scatters UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are responsible for producing sunburn and play the greatest role in causing skin cancers. UVA rays also play a role in skin cancer formation, as well as premature skin aging, including wrinkles.

“Doctors love EltaMD because our products are proven to be highly effective. But what really sets it apart is the cosmetic elegant application, which ensures patient compliance,” says Melanie Timms, Senior Product Development and Commercialization Manager at EltaMD. “The products are formulated with a proprietary zinc oxide technology that allows them to rub in smoothly with zero white cast.”

Combats skin aging and improves suppleness

All products in the EltaMD sun care line are fragrance free, paraben free, sensitivity free and alcohol free. They are also non comedogenic, which means they will not cause breakouts.

EltaMD® UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen is specially formulated for active lifestyles. It is a water-resistant (80 minutes) sunscreen that will not rinse off in water or drip into the eyes and sting. EltaMD® UV Facial Broad-Spectrum SPF 30+ is a lightweight, creamy and cosmetically elegant moisturizing facial sunscreen. Formulated for use every day, it provides moisturization while protecting against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays.

EltaMD’s No. 1 selling product is UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46, which protects sensitive skin types prone to discolouration and breakouts associated with acne and rosacea. And just launching in Canada, is UV Clear Tinted, which blends effortlessly into all skin types and skin tones, from fair to dark skin. “You get translucent coverage and a very light tint that blurs and hides imperfections, with zero white cast, even on the darkest skin tones,” says Timms.

UV Clear goes beyond sunscreen with proven skincare benefits. Niacinimide helps calm and protect skin that is acne or rosacea prone or skin that has hyper-pigmentation from sun exposure. Vitamin E helps reduce free radicals to mitigate the signs of aging and hyaluronic acid gives the skin a hydration boost, improves skin suppleness and improves the look of fine lines.

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