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One of the distinguishing aspects of the Dr. Formulated line is that it uses organic acacia and organic potato starch for the prebiotic, which is the food source for the bacteria. These specific prebiotics, considered superfoods, can culture beneficial bacteria and nourish our digestive tracts. Acacia and potato starch don’t cause gas, bloating, or diarrhea, which are frequent side effects of other commonly-found prebiotic forms such as inulin.

Garden of Life knows that probiotic health is essential for the entire family, so the Dr. Formulated line includes shelf-stable Women’s and Men’s Probiotics formulated with specific strains to meet the needs of women and men, as well as the chewable Organic Kids+. This is a three-in-one immune system and digestive support with five billion colony-forming units (CFUs), 30 milligrams of vitamin C from organic amla, and 400 IU of food-based vitamin D.

The entire line of probiotics offers digestive and immune benefits, but Garden of Life’s Once Daily and Once Daily Ultra formulas have been specifically formulated to support the digestive tract and immune system. The Once Daily provides 30 billion CFUs with 14 different strains to support optimal digestion and immune health, while the Once Daily Ultra provides 90 billion CFUs with 15 different strains for those looking for a more potent formula.

The benefits of probiotics extend beyond digestion and immune health. Research has revealed a strong connection between our mood and gut bacteria, with studies showing that our microflora affects certain neurotransmitters and hormones that regulate and influence our state of mind. The Dr. Formulated Mood+ was specifically formulated with 50 billion CFUs and 16 different strains of bacteria, including clinically-studied strains, to support a balanced mood. The formula has additional organic ashwagandha extract, an adaptogenic herb shown to further support stress management, and organic Alaskan blueberries for antioxidant support.

Garden of Life

The Dr. Formulated line also offers probiotics specifically formulated to support the urinary tracts and reproductive systems for both women and men. The Urinary Tract+ is a 50 billion CFUs probiotic formula with 16 different strains and features 500 milligrams of organic PacranÒ cranberry, the clinically-studied amount in gold standard human trials shown to prevent urinary system infections. For men, the Prostate+ formula features 50 billion CFU of probiotics with 15 different strains and contains 500 milligrams of organic FlowensÒ whole cranberry, the same clinical amount shown to support normal urine flow in human trials.

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