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When we’re young, we often bemoan the fact that we don’t have the time, or the money, to travel to distant destinations and explore what the world has to offer. As we get older and retire, we finally have the freedom to explore those places that we’ve always wanted to go to, but never could before. 

But while time and money might now be available, we also might be feeling some of the aches and pains that come with being over the age of 65. The idea of sleeping in a lumpy bed or standing for hours to get into the Louvre is not our idea of a good time. And who wants to sort through the countless pages of books and websites to find what hotel to stay in, what sights to make sure we see, and what the quickest way is to bypass those line-ups for the most popular spots? 

Taking care of the details


There are many reasons why people choose to travel with a guided tour group. Having someone else take care of all the numerous details it takes to plan the perfect itinerary is but one of them. Using a tour company means you don’t need to figure out the best way to get to where you’re going, where to lay your head at night, what to do while you’re there, and even where to try out the cuisine. The biggest decision you must make — granted, it’s a tough one — is where to go in this big, wide world.

Tour companies also have expert guides who are happy to share their insider intel and connect you with people and things you might not be able to experience on your own. Have you ever wanted to meet a koala? How about to sleep in a glass igloo under the Northern Lights? Or to have a local home-hosted, farm-to-table lunch with a family in Peru? Guided group tours can provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Something for everyone

Like people, guided tours come in all shapes and sizes, which is why there’s a trip for everyone. Whether you’re active and like to scale mountains or would prefer to stroll through Dublin’s historic centre, you’ll find a tour for you. 

The choices go beyond just activity level. Whether your focus is on culture, cuisine, or cruising, you can pick the category. Or, if you don’t like hotel-hopping and want to stay in one spot, there are tours specifically for you, too. 

If you’re a solo traveller, guided trips are the best way to make new friends along the way. The people you’re travelling with already share your interests — you all picked the same journey! And having a trained guide means you always have someone looking out for you.

The good news is, wherever you want to go, there are experts available to tailor your next adventure. Collette is a family-owned, award-winning leader in guided travel. Backed by 100 years of experience, it has long been a trusted provider of full-service, life-enriching travel. The company empowers mature Canadians to travel the world, offering high- quality amenities — including door-to-door airport transfers, professional tour managers, and expert local guides. Not only does the company have a wealth of choices when it comes to tour styles and destinations, it also lets travellers customize their trips with extended stays before or after the tour begins and on-tour optional excursions as well.

The company’s tour design teams take travel trends to heart and makes sure that the trip you go on is one that will be full of cultural experiences that dig deep into a country’s background, culinary adventures that will give you a true taste of that culture, and accommodations that are comfortable, integral parts of the destination.

Meet a Tour Manager


Angela Almeida

Tour Manager, Collette

There are many reasons to travel with a guided tour group. Having someone else take care of the details is one of them. Tour Manager, Angela Almeida tells us more about Collette.

Mediaplanet: How long have you been with Collette?

Angela Almeida: I’ve been with the company for nine years.

Why do you enjoy working as a Tour Manager at Collette?

I like to be around the people who take our tours. I love picking up the microphone on the bus and explaining where we are — getting guests excited about the destination. I’m very proud to be able to share my knowledge.

What is it about a Collette tour that can make it an experience of a lifetime?

The variety of tours we offer always creates an exciting experience for our clients and lets them really relax and take in the destination and all it has to offer.

What’s your favourite European destination to travel to?

If I could take clients anywhere, I would take them to Spain’s Iberian Peninsula. You have great food, great wine, and beautiful landscape, and beautiful weather all year around.

For more information contact Collette at 866.445.7060 or visit Collette

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