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Find out how investing in quality items for your bed serves as a foundation for great sleep.

One in three Canadians ages 35 to 64 say they aren’t getting enough sleep, according to Statistics Canada. Not getting enough rest is not just about feeling tired. It has health implications as well, including an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Making sleep a priority makes sense from a wellness perspective. 

The foundation for quality rest starts with a comfortable bed made up of components suited to your needs, including a mattress, sheets, duvets, and pillows. “Purchasing high-quality products [is] well worth the investment”, according to Morris Shipper, a sleep expert at Linen Chest. “Good sleep really sets the tone for your day,” he says. “It’s important to start your morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever your busy life holds. You can’t do that if you’re not sleeping well.” 

Making good choices for healthier sleep 

Shopping online at or in person at one of their retail locations makes putting together a sleep-friendly bed easy with solutions for everyone. They have everything needed to set the mood for a perfect night of rest — all backed by their commitment to quality and customer service. Everyone has a unique sleep style. Their sleep experts take your preferences into consideration when offering options to ensure you make the best-informed decisions for better and healthier sleep. 

So where should you start when creating an ideal sleep space? The most important purchase you’ll make for your bed begins with your mattress. “It’s not just the base,” notes Shipper. “It’s the foundation for better sleep.” He suggests working with a Linen Chest sleep expert or referring to Linen Chest’s “Mattresses 101” Buying Guide online. The best choice for a mattress depends on factors like your preferred sleep position and the available space, in addition to whether you’re sharing it with a partner and are on a budget. It’s a significant investment, but Linen Chest lets you make informed buying decisions with peace of mind. 

Take advantage of Linen Chest’s 100-Night Sleep Trial. Not the right mattress for you? Simply exchange it for another one. Customers also get free shipping, financing, a lowest-price guarantee for a year, and complimentary removal of your old mattress. Is it time for a new one? If your current one is causing you pain points and is more than seven years old, it may be time. Then, to make your dream bedroom a reality, mattress buyers receive a 10 percent VIP discount in-store on other bedding essentials on the day of their purchase. 

One in three Canadians ages 35 to 64 say they aren’t getting enough sleep.

Finishing touches to complete your sleep space 

“When it comes to sheets, stock up on ones in an array of colours and materials to swap out as seasons change” suggests Shipper. Cozy up on flannel linens in the winter, then trade them for cool, breathable sheets made of Egyptian cotton or bamboo (a sustainable, eco-friendly choice) for warmer, summer temperatures. 

Don’t scrimp on pillows; they are crucial to your comfort. Linen Chest has nearly two dozen options, from Tempur-Pedic (ideal for those who need good neck and back support) to down filled. That way, you can find the pillow most compatible with your sleep style. Take their online 3-Step Pillow Quiz to point you in the right direction. Also, consider some finishing touches such as decorative pillows for your bed, a lavender linen spray, or blackout curtains — or perhaps it’s time for a new bed frame or headboard. 

Whatever goes into creating your perfect bed, you can always shop with confidence at Linen Chest, thanks to their one-year lowest price and quality guarantee.

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