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After a patient undergoes IVF, the embryo needs to be transferred into the uterus with hopes of implantation and development of a healthy pregnancy.  The ability of the embryo to implant or “stick” to the wall of the uterus can be affected by many variables. It is important to maximize your general health as you embark upon a pregnancy. Alcohol, marijuana, certain medications and having an unhealthy body weight can affect your uterus, the embryo and the overall health of the pregnancy. A fertility specialist can assess your body’s readiness for pregnancy and offer a treatment plan to maximize your chances of a healthy conception.

There are three broad categories we consider when maximizing implantation: the embryo, the uterus, and the immune system.

1. The Embryo

Performing Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) on the blastocyst improves implantation rate by ensuring only the best quality blastocysts are chosen for embryo transfer.

2. The Uterus

A sonohystogram can help your doctor determine whether the shape of the uterus is adequate for implantation as well as address any other factors such as polyps or fibroids. An ultrasound assesses for possible endometriosis, adenomyosis or hydrosalpinx. These are all conditions that have an impact on implantation.

In some cases, a special test assessing the receptivity of the uterus (endometrial receptivity test) might be indicated as well.

3. The Immune System

The immune system can be implicated when there is a case of recurrent implantation failure. After all other factors have been optimized, your physician can assess the role of the immune system on implantation and target treatments to correct it.

Immune testing involves completing a series of tests that provide information about your immune system and how it might be affecting your ability to become pregnant. These tests are typically done for patients who have experienced multiple IVF failures, as immune testing can tell us why this may have occurred.

Markham Fertility Centre has specialized in immune treatment for more than two decades and has partnered with a specialized lab in the United States to perform immune tests. Our knowledge and expertise in this area allow us to tailor your treatment to a specifically defined abnormality.

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