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Knowing from a young age he wanted to become a parent, Nathan Chan embarked on an eight-year journey to become a single father by choice. Experiencing failed embryo transfers, miscarriage, and a stillbirth before the birth of his daughter, Chan has experienced the highs and lows that come with assisted reproduction. 

Through the selfless gifts from his egg donor and surrogate, his dream of parenthood was finally fulfilled. Stemming from his journey, Proud Fertility was born. Being a leader in inclusivity and equality, Proud Fertility serves all forms of families, including single men and women, those who are HIV positive, gay couples, people who identify as trans, cancer survivors, older couples, and people struggling with infertility. 

Left Photo: First moments with his daughter, thanks to his surrogate, Crystal
Right Photo: Credit — Olive You Portraits

Chan describes Proud Fertility as “an inclusive full-service consultancy that aims to help all intended parents succeed in their dreams of growing their families.”

Chan’s commitment to and understanding of the uniqueness of each person’s journey makes Proud Fertility ahead of the rest in client-centred care. Chan is adamant in supporting only people whose values align, whether for surrogacy, known egg donation, or anonymous egg donation. As a proud father and leader in inclusive egg donor and surrogate consultancy, Chan brings a holistic approach to supporting families. 

To fulfill your family dreams, visit Proud Fertility to submit an interest form, call 587-436-5520, or email [email protected].

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