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One Small Step for Men, One Big Change for Mankind

Grandfather playing with his grandson
Grandfather playing with his grandson

As Canadians, we like to consider ourselves healthy but the truth is, we have some bad habits. Canadian men, in particular, are overwhelmingly unhealthy.

Things like smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating are significant contributors to what is becoming a health crisis for men in this country. A study conducted by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) found that 62% of respondents have an unhealthy diet and 54% have unhealthy sleeping habits.

Lifestyle choices

70% of men’s chronic health conditions are caused by lifestyle. The good news is that lifestyles, unlike genetics, can be changed relatively easily. What’s more, you don’t need to change much to start noticing differences in your health.

Don’t change much

Changing your health can seem like a daunting task and men may feel that they don’t know where to begin. But small, simple changes can have a big impact on improving your overall quality of life. In fact, sleeping seven to eight hours a night may reduce a man’s risk of a heart attack by 60% in comparison to sleeping for five hours or less. Reducing alcohol intake to under 10 drinks per week may cut a man’s risk of type 2 diabetes in half and walking five city blocks or climbing 50 stairs a day may lower the risk of heart attack by 25%. These small changes are attainable goals that can add years to a man’s life.

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation was created to help and inspire Canadian men and their families to live healthier lives.

Through the Don’t Change Much campaign, the foundation is arming Canadian men with the tools they need to assess their health risks and develop concrete steps for improvements. When men take control of their own health, the entire family benefits. Small changes make a big difference.

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