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Alison Dantas

Alison Dantas

CEO, Canadian Chiropractic Association

The Canadian Chiropractic Association is determined to help more Canadians live the healthy, active lives they want by promoting the unique value and expertise that chiropractors offer.

Approximately 11 million Canadians are affected by spine, muscle, and nervous system conditions — and their related pain and inflammation. Six million have arthritis. As a form of treatment, around 4.7 million adult Canadians turned to a chiropractor in 2019.

Chiropractors diagnose and treat the causes of pain related to the spine, muscles, and nervous system, including conditions like arthritis. Chiropractic is a hands-on, non-invasive, and drugless practice. The main activity is physical manipulation, especially of the spine. Chiropractors carry out precise movements of the vertebrae to correct joint motion, thereby restoring proper movement, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation. Other treatments can include soft tissue therapy, exercise, ultrasound, laser treatment, and rehabilitative exercise.

To make chiropractic care accessible to Canadians who want it, the Canadian Chiropractic Association works with other health care professionals, governments, and private health insurers.

Chiropractors are here to ease Canadians’ pain and enable them to live their best lives.

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