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Q&A with Trisha Enriquez on Parenthood and Self-Care

Mediaplanet chatted with Trisha Enriques about her mom life balance, parenthood journey, and importance of self-care.

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What were some of the most memorable and transformative moments you experienced when becoming a parent?

There were so many physical and physiological changes that happen, but I have to say the mental and emotional transformation was the most significant for me. When I became a mother, I never knew a love like this could ever exist. Every day as a parent I am grateful to live another day to see my daughters grow into strong little ladies. It’s often finding that balance of wanting them to stay little forever and wanting to see them evolve into independent and amazing grown humans.

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Did you face any challenges or unexpected surprises on your path to parenthood? How did you navigate through them?

When we started trying for a second baby, we didn’t think it would be difficult given we got pregnant within a month of trying for Harper. I didn’t think I would be someone to experience secondary infertility. After two miscarriages and seeking assistance through a fertility clinic, I was blessed with Noa. This did not come without fear, guilt and a lot of doubt. I recall going through 40 weeks worrying every single day if I would be able to have a healthy baby to term.

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How has being a parent influenced your perspective on work-life balance and career choices?

While on my second maternity leave with Noa I made the decision to leave my corporate career of 13 years to work for myself. I wanted that flexibility and freedom to be home more often with my family and I knew my 9-5 could not offer that desire. It was a scary decision to take that leap of faith, but I am so happy I went for it. I haven’t looked back since.

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As a mom and advocate for mommy care, can you share the importance of prioritizing self-care as a parent?

I always say that you cannot pour from an empty cup! I know that mom guilt can sometimes creep up on us when we prioritize self care, but I know that taking care of me makes me a better mother, wife … and human as a whole.

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What are some self-care practices or routines that you have found particularly beneficial in your journey as a mom?

I have truly found that listening to guided meditations morning and night have really helped to keep me grounded and calm in the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.

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How do you encourage and support other moms in prioritizing their own self-care?

I think it’s just starting off small and giving yourself a few moments a day and then working up as you start to see how your mood improves as a result of prioritizing self care. I also encourage moms to speak up when they need that support – there are always friends and family who are willing to help! Also, when you can’t get that additional support, sometimes just going outside for a short walk can make all the difference and this too is a form of self care.

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