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Empower Your Health With An At-Home HPV Testing Kit 

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HPV at-home kits help overcome barriers such as anxiety, being unable to take time off work for medical appointments, or lack of healthcare providers.  

Advances in cervical cancer screening technology have made it possible to test for high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) strains at home, which could significantly boost early detection of cervical cancer.

70 per cent of all sexually active Canadians will be infected with HPV during their lifetime. You can get HPV through sex, oral sex, or through close skin-to-skin touching during sex.  

While the virus clears in most people, about 10 to 20 per cent  will have persistent HPV, which increases the risk of head and neck/throat cancer, anal cancer, and other genital cancers.  Persistent HPV infection of the cervix, if left untreated, causes 95 per cent of cervical cancers. 

HPV often goes unnoticed 

Early detection can help healthcare providers determine a treatment plan to prevent or treat cervical cancer. But most people don’t even know they have HPV. This is why cervical screening is so important.

The majority of individuals are familiar with a Pap test, which looks for abnormal changes in the cervical cells. The HPV test looks directly for the virus, which could later cause cell changes in the cervix. 

“HPV testing and HPV immunization have been valuable innovations in the prevention, early detection, and management of the precursors of cervical cancers,” says Dr. Nathan Roth of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Toronto. “The results of HPV testing help determine what steps should be taken and what treatments to give to prevent cervical cancer from occurring.”

LifeLabs, Canada’s largest medical laboratory, is committed to supporting women and stands at the forefront of women’s health. LifeLabs is introducing an HPV at-home collection test kit, which allows individuals to collect their own sample without having to visit the doctor’s office. It can be ordered online, with results available online. It is also more comfortable than a Pap test.

People may also prefer an at-home option due to cultural beliefs around modesty, language barriers, discomfort with Pap tests, or lack of a family physician or transportation.

Early detection is vital

Earlier detection, along with making the process easier, are important because detecting cervical cancer or precancer at the earliest stages is one of the biggest predictors of survival. “LifeLabs embodies a philosophy of empowerment. We strive to be the beacon of support for women, offering not just tests but a comprehensive suite of services that champion early detection and personalized well-being,” says Dr. Cathy Ross, Vice President of Medical and Quality Affairs at LifeLabs. “It’s about enabling a personalized approach to health that resonates with each woman’s unique journey.”  

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