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Beauty Influencer Shares Journey with Rosacea and Skin Cancer, Offering Her Top Skin Care Tips

Tyler Marz shares her journey with rosacea and skin cancer, offering skincare advice and promoting skin health awareness through her social media channels.

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Can you introduce our readers to your story and skin journey?

As a long time beauty lover and beauty content consumer I always wished I could find creators I related to more. As someone with Rosacea, a lot of the products I would try just wouldn’t work the same for me. 

I decided to start making beauty content myself, providing product reviews and recommendations for others who also struggle with redness & Rosacea. It’s been incredibly rewarding to be apart of the beauty community in this way.

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Managing a visible skin condition like rosacea can be emotionally challenging. How did you cope with any self-esteem or confidence issues that arose from your condition?

It’s definitely taken me a while to get to this place, but pushing myself to show up exactly how I am has been a huge help. I love makeup but I was reliant on it for confidence for a long time. Now I remind myself that this is my skin, this is how I look, I’m beautiful with or without a full face. No one should have to constantly hide themselves, everyone deserves to feel comfortable. 

I used to let the comments and questions I would get about my redness get to me but now, I just quickly educate others on what rosacea is and continue on with my day. 

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Can you share your journey of discovering you had skin cancer? What were the initial signs and symptoms that prompted you to seek medical opinions?

When I was 18 I noticed a mole on my back that had a strange shape and colour to it. Knowing it wasn’t similar to any of the other moles I had- I had my family doctor take a look at it. Agreeing that the mole looked suspicious, my doctor then ordered a biopsy. I quickly had answers after that.

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How did your experiences with rosacea and skin cancer influence your approach to skin care and sun protection? 

My experience with Rosacea taught me to be more mindful about what’s in my skincare. A lot of common skincare ingredients are known to cause uncomfortable flare ups

Melanoma was a huge eye opener to me when it came to SPF. The experience (although not ideal) did teach me a lot from a young age and I’ve taken sun protection seriously ever since. I’m 29 now and feel proud to be that friend that’s always on everyone’s case about reapplying their sunscreen.

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As someone who has gone through the experience of dealing with skin conditions, what would you say to individuals who might be hesitant to seek help or treatment for their skin concerns?

I think a lot of people can feel intimidated by the process of getting a diagnosis, but in my experience I found to process to be quite easy and straight forward. So I’ll always encourage others to seek help, plus it’s a massive relief to get answers. 

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Through your social channels, what message do you hope to convey to others about skin health and awareness?

I strive to be a source of information through my social media. I love to provide honest reviews and recommendations for others who may have been struggling to find products that would work for them.

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