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Your Summer Skin

Summer Skin Tips with Adelaine Morin

Adelaine Morin
Adelaine Morin

Adelaine Morin is a Brampton, ON-born YouTube sensation and yellow enthusiast. She shares her tips on how to feel your best in your skin this summer.

Mediaplanet: Our skin is such an identifier for who we are and our self-esteem, how do you manage to feel confident in your skin when you are not feeling your best?

Adelaine Morin: My skin is really important to me, because as a certified makeup artist, it’s the base layer of my work. If my skin is breaking out, it’s harder for me to get the end result I want in photos and videos. It’s really easy for me to feel discouraged when my skin is not at its best, but something that I do to help me feel confident in my skin is spending time with friends and family, my dogs, and drink lots of water.

I find it makes a huge difference in my skin when I drink water as opposed to not drinking water. Taking a break from work, spending time with the people and puppies I love, meditating and putting myself in a good head space I find helps clear my skin. When I’m constantly going on flights, over-booking myself, not giving myself any break times, forgetting to drink water, not moisturizing, or applying sunscreen to my face, I find that I break out more. My skin on the outside is a reflection of my mental health majority of time.

I always say makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not to cover it up.

What are your best tips for taking care of your skin in the summer time?

During the hotter months, I like to apply extra sunscreen and moisturizer to my face. On top of that, I like to drink more water because the summer means going outside more, being out in the sun, and getting dehydrated. Staying hydrated is so important to me because it keeps the skin looking young, fresh, and glowy!

My favourite moisturizers as of recently has been the Tarte Drink of H2O and the Mark Jacobs Youthquake moisturizer. There are plenty of more affordable moisturizers that I also love such as the CeraVe moisturizing cream and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer.

A lot of my friends skip out on sunscreen because ‘they want to tan,’ which is a complete myth! Sunscreen filters out UV rays to prevent sunburn and will not prevent production of melanin. You will still tan if you wear sunscreen, but my friends don’t believe me, and continue to burn their skin. The facial sunscreen I use is Elta MD UV daily SPF 40, but a more affordable option is the Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer SPF 15.

Does the make-up you wear help you to feel good in your own skin?

Adelaine Morin

To me, makeup is an art and a form of expression. I always say makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not to cover it up. When Tarte Cosmetics reached out a year ago to do an eye and cheek palette collaboration available at Ulta Beauty stores, I almost didn’t feel worthy or deserving of the opportunity because I though there were so many talented makeup artists out there. Rather than turning down the opportunity, I took it upon myself to go to cosmetology college to get a degree in makeup and skincare.

I was nervous because back in high school I had trouble staying on top of my homework, and it was one of the worst couple years of my life. It’s crazy how different school is when you’re actually passionate about what’s being taught. Since then I’ve graduated, am now a certified makeup artist and skincare tech, my palette had a successful launch and I was confident in what I made, how the makeup applies and how it makes me feel.

So, to answer the question, yes I do wear makeup to make myself feel better when I have a breakout or I don’t feel cute, but makeup is more than that to me. Makeup is my form of self expression, my childhood, my hobby, my job, my way to make other girls or boys feel beautiful, and almost like my magic power.

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