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Peter Farrell

Peter Farrell

President & CEO, Citron Hygiene

Alison Mahoney

Alison Mahoney

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Citron Hygiene

Katy Baker

Katy Baker

Director of Marketing, Citron Hygiene

After months of lockdown, businesses are eager to resume operations. “COVID-19 has heralded an unprecedented awareness around hygiene, and businesses are focused on reopening safely in the next few weeks,” says Peter Farrell, CEO of Citron Hygiene, an international hygiene services company with its head office in Markham, ON. Similarly, employees are concerned and want to know their workplaces are safe.

Post-COVID-19 workplaces require more space for employees

Over the past decade, the workplace has focused on maximizing worker density through shared office space, open concept floor plans and hotelling stations — resulting in more crowded offices and a higher chance of spreading infections.

COVID-19 has changed all that. The new, post-COVID-19 workplace requires that employers invest in increasing personal space and improving office hygiene. “It’s important to make these investments; if they don’t do it, employees might be anxious about returning to work, and that will mean further disruption to their business,” says Katy Baker, Citron Hygiene’s Director of Marketing.

Touch-free environments key to avoiding contact with the virus

Because the virus that causes COVID-19 can contaminate surfaces for up to 72 hours, a touch-free environment will be key to employee health, safety, and confidence. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to do. “The biggest challenge is knowing where to start. We partner with our customers through virtual meetings and facility surveys to make sure they’re set up for a successful return to work,” says Baker.

What are some of Citron’s service recommendations for building a healthy facility? Proper disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE) is one. “Wearing masks and gloves is not typical for most people and they might not know how to properly dispose of these potentially contaminated items in the office, so we provide a PPE disposal system that’s serviced by a trained professional,” says Baker.

The biggest challenge is knowing where to start.

Katy Baker, Citron Hygiene’s Director of Marketing

Another is professional disinfection. “That’s a critical component to controlling viruses, so before any facility, office, restaurant, school opens we suggest that they have a professional disinfection service performed,” says Baker.

Finally, Citron suggests providing a completely touch-free washroom — from personal hygiene disposal units, to auto-flushes, auto-faucets, auto-soaps, and providing toilet seat cleaner in every stall. “Washrooms are a hot spot for infections as well as a communal area, so these things are no longer nice to haves, but an important step to stopping the spread and flattening the curve,” says Baker.

Educate employees to arm them against COVID-19

Hand in hand with each of these measures is educational signage, a wealth of information resources to give clients, and well-trained Hygiene Consultants. “We are ready and look forward to being a trusted advisor as Canadian businesses prepare to welcome back employees, patrons, and guests into their homes away from home,” says Alison Mahoney, Citron’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

With over 45 years’ experience in workplace and washroom hygiene, Citron can offers a number of hygiene solutions to businesses looking to return to work.

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