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Q&A with Dominique Baker, Skin and Hair Care Expert

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

Mediaplanet sat down with Dominique Baker, skin and hair care expert, and discussed her role as an esthetician and how medical esthetic services can be beneficial.


What sparked your interest to become an esthetician?

A few of my great aunts and aunts are estheticians and hairstylists. My mother was also trained in hairstyling and esthetics, so I grew up surrounded by women in this business. I loved everything about beauty and skin care from an early age. Nothing piqued my interest like beauty magazines and watching my mother while she beautified others! 


How have medical esthetic services benefited your life?

In my teens and early 20s, I suffered from acne. Nothing seemed to keep it under control until I went to a dermatologist who prescribed some medication along with giving me some solid skin care recommendations. 

She also suggested blue light therapy to reduce acne and microneedling to help with scarring and hyperpigmentation. I started both treatments and they worked. I never looked back. 


What is a medical esthetic service that you cannot live without?

HydraFacial! My skin improved so much. Every other month, I treat myself to a HydraFacial and the glow it gives me lasts for weeks. My esthetician is also an expert at removing stubborn blackheads during the treatment and the entire process reduces the look of my pores. It’s one of my favourite treatments ever. 


Are there any safe at-home treatments you recommend for feeling your best in your skin?

Red light therapy masks are great at-home treatments that also help reduce acne, sagging, wrinkles, and scarring. You can order them online for safe use at home. 


What advice can you offer to those who are considering medical esthetic services but are afraid of the stigmas attached to some?

Many women ask me this same question and I always say that there is nothing wrong at all with doing something for yourself which is safe and boosts your confidence. You don’t have to tell anyone if you’re worried about comments from others either. It’s no one’s business but your own. Feel good in your skin! 

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