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Natural Supplements Shown to be Effective in Calming Bladder Health Issues

Faraz Nomani and Derek Oh_Utiva Health
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Faraz Nomani and Derek Oh_Utiva Health
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Derek Oh_Utiva Health

Derek Oh

Co-Founder, Utiva, by Szio+ Inc

Faraz Nomani_Utiva Health

Faraz Nomani

Co-Founder, Utiva, by Szio+ Inc

Bladder problems don’t have to be a normal part of aging. Safe and effective natural supplements can help improve bladder health.

If you’re a woman living with bladder problems, you’re not alone. Between 30 to 50 per cent of women experience some type of bladder condition. Two common bladder issues are overactive bladder — or urge incontinence — and urinary tract infections. Overactive bladder (OAB) is characterized by an urgent need to urinate, sometimes accompanied by urine leakage, while urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur when bacteria enter the urethra.  

Though the causes of OAB and UTIs differ, there are some overlapping reasons. “These may include changes at menopause and the introduction of bacteria through the use of feminine hygiene products. Also, some women experience UTIs with increased sexual activity,” says Dr. Rose C. Kung, MD, a specialist in urogynecology at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.


Bladder symptoms affect quality of life – like how this heading calls out the main topic (bladder symptoms)

Living with OAB can mean multiple trips to the bathroom at night, leading to fatigue and concentration problems the next day, as well as anxiety about leaving one’s home in case of an urgent need to void. “These women may be fearful of travelling long distances by car or plane,” says Dr. Kung. 

Women with constant, painful UTIs often require many trips to medical clinics and several rounds of antibiotics to kill the infection. “There’s also the emotional suffering like a feeling of not being clean and being judged by others like a partner,” says Dr. Kung.

Treatment for OAB may include dietary modifications, pelvic floor therapy, and pharmaceuticals, while for UTIs standard treatment is antibiotics. Another is natural supplements. “Though less studied than pharmaceutical products, natural supplements offer another option for patients to consider and typically have fewer side effects,” says Dr. Kung. 

Canadian company offers array of natural products

Utiva is a Canadian brand that offers an array of natural supplements to support bladder health. Co-founded by Derek Oh and Faraz Nomani, whose own family members experienced bladder health issues, Utiva recently launched a product called Bladder Health, which has a specific ingredient (Flowens) to help manage OAB symptoms. “This product that we’ve brought to market has strong clinical trial experience by urologists that consider this an option, along with lifestyle modifications,” said Oh. In a clinical trial study, the product showed a 57 percent reduction in urgency and a 40 percent reduction in the bladder feeling full.   

For UTI prevention, Utiva Cranberry PACs have won the support of family physicians, urologists, and urogynecologists including Dr. Kung, as an alternative for antibiotics. Proanthocyanidins are the active molecules found in cranberries, and Utiva Cranberry PACs is the only product in Canada providing 36mg of PACs – the daily clinically proven amount necessary to help prevent recurring UTIs. Utiva also provides the widest range of natural products focused on UTI prevention, including UTI test strips for at-home use, d-mannose, probiotics, and personal wipes. Utiva products are made in Canada and may be purchased at most major retailers, such as Rexall, Whole Foods, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, and Healthy Planet. Customers can also buy directly from Utiva’s e-commerce store and receive a 25 percent discount for all first orders.

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