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Immune Health

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immune health header

Immune Health aims to educate Canadians on the most effective prevention and treatment methods to manage symptoms of common viruses, as well as raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system year-round.

How Moderna’s mRNA Technology Is Revolutionizing Health Care

In the fight against COVID-19, Moderna stays ahead of the science with its mRNA platform, while also developing vaccine technology in other therapeutic areas.

Unlocking Potential of Canadian Pharmacies to Prevent Public Health Crisis

Last year, pharmacies across Canada administered a record 5.6 million flu shots and over 40 percent of COVID-19 vaccinations.

How Pharmacies Are Offering Ontarians Increased Access to Vaccination

Ontarians’ immune health and access to immunization have become more important than ever and pharmacies are playing a vital role.

Honibe: A Canadian Company That Thinks Outside the Honey Jar

Honey’s health benefits have been lauded since antiquity, and modern research backs them up. Now, a Canadian company introduces gummies made with natural honey.

Why It Takes Community Immunity to Keep Everyone Safe

The safest way to achieve community immunity is through vaccination, which is the introduction of a weakened virus or bacteria into the body.

What You Need to Know about Seasonal Influenza This Year

With increased COVID-19 vaccination rates and some loosening of public health restrictions it’s expected that seasonal influenza cases will start to make a reappearance.

Shingles: It’s Not Just a Rash

If you are 50 or older, odds are you have heard of shingles or you know someone who has experienced this notoriously painful condition.

Q&A with Dr. Vivien Brown

Mediaplanet sat down with Dr. Vivien Brown, a Toronto-based family physician, to learn more about ways Canadians can keep on top of immune health and wellness this fall.

Expanding Role of Pharmacists in Vaccinations and Immune Health

As the pharmacy model changes, pharmacists play a critical role in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign and the public’s overall immune health.

Dyson’s Purifier Technology Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Modern homes can trap dangerous air pollution indoors. Here’s how Dyson technology helps tackle the invisible threat.

Inclusive Health Care Is Crucial for this Year’s Flu Season

While Canadians are grappling with increasing COVID-19 cases, many healthcare workers are planning for the impending flu season.

Preventing Influenza in the Time of COVID-19

Getting your flu shot is more important this ever this year, as flu cases are expected to rise significantly.

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