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Vision 2020

Closeup of an eye's iris and pupil
Closeup of an eye's iris and pupil

To celebrate 2020, the “Year of Vision,” we joined forces with the Canadian Council of the Blind and Fighting Blindness Canada to raise awareness about the importance of vision health, the innovations in vision research, and products and devices available for those with vision loss.

Your Eyes: The Line of Sight on Your Life

It could be a loved one’s face — images are what stay with us forever and make us who we are, and so should your vision. Learn to spot the symptoms of AMD.

Opening Our Eyes to Vision Loss in 2020

The year 2020 is a reminder that vision loss is far-reaching and that more must be done to comprehend the personal and social consequences.

An Open Letter from the Canadian Council of the Blind and Fighting Blindness Canada

Louise Gillis, CCB President, and Doug Earle, FBC President, reflect on how the vision loss and blind communities can be supported in the year 2020.

Vision Impairment and Steps to Your Rehabilitation

What is low vision, and what should you do if you suspect you or someone close to you experiences it? Registered Optician Zully Kasmani has the answers.

The Vision Is Clear for a Better Tomorrow

Seva partners with locals in developing countries to deliver self-sufficient, self-sustaining eye care programs — but there’s still plenty of work to be done.

Paving the Way for Greater Tech Accessibility

We asked Kataryna Patsak, an Accessibility Project Manager with Bell, about the company’s innovative accessibility products and services.

For People with Vision Loss, Accessible Tech Can Be Life-Changing

People with vision loss can face barriers and challenges in accessing media, employment opportunities, independent transportation and more. Technology is changing that.

Vision Quest 2020: Connecting You to Breakthroughs in Vision Research

Every year, Fighting Blindness Canada shares the latest in vision science directly with supporters through Vision Quest educational programming.

Research Delivers Sight-Restoring Treatment

Gene therapy is a new kind of treatment that has the potential to restore sight. Learn how it works and how it can change vision loss for Canadians.

Molly Burke Tackles Vision Loss and Accessibility

We spoke to motivational speaker and blind advocate Molly Burke about her experience living with retinitis pigmentosa and the future of accessibility.

AMI Working to Make Media Content More Inclusive

By creating content for the blind and partially-sighted community, Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) hopes to become a global leader in media accessibility.

Connecting Dry Eye Disease and Glaucoma

Two of eyeLABS’ top optometrists, Dr. Richard Maharaj and Dr. Faran Vafaie, explain the links between — and treatments for — dry eye disease and glaucoma.

Ben’s Fight for Sight

Ben Akuoko was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at a young age, facing extensive challenges and stigmas. Now he works to break those barriers down.

When It Comes to Vision Health, Informed Consent Is Key

Changing government mandates could affect access to vision loss treatment for millions of Canadians. Learn how Eye See You is defending patients’ rights.

Celebrate the 2020 Experience Expo

CCB’s Toronto Visionaries Chapter is hosting the Experience Expo, Canada’s only consumer show dedicated to Canadians who are blind and partially sighted.

The Exciting Vision Impaired Curling Championship

As part of White Cane Week, the Canadian Council of the Blind brings together curlers for the AMI Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Championship.

CCB Mobile Eye Clinics: Providing Eye Examinations for Our Seniors and Children

The Canadian Council of the Blind’s Mobile Eye Clinics increase patient access to vision treatment and prevention for everyone from children to seniors.

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