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Kataryna Patsak

Kataryna Patsak

Accessibility Project Manager, Mobility Products & Services, Bell

Mediaplanet spoke with Kataryna Patsak, an Accessibility Project Manager with Bell, about why accessibility should be embraced and Bell’s innovative products and services that work to break down barriers.

Mediaplanet: What does accessibility mean?

Kataryna Patsak: For me, accessibility means working with the accessibility community to help build a barrier-free society in which everyone can participate and contribute. Fundamentally, accessibility means that those with accessibility needs have the right to have the same level and quality of services as everyone else and that they shouldn’t have to face any undue hardship to receive them. It also means that where barriers do exist, they must be removed, reduced, or altered to allow people with disabilities to access the same physical locations, products, services, and opportunities as everyone else.

Why is accessibility something companies need to be aware of, and should embrace?

There are many reasons for companies to be aware of and embrace accessibility. Accessibility in customer service, user experience, and user design creates an excellent experience for everyone by making spaces, services, and products more accessible for all customers. Additionally, the number of Canadians with accessibility needs is growing, which means that this is an important segment of the population that companies can reach. Lastly, in my experience, customers who have different accessibility needs appreciate and are extremely loyal to companies that strive to provide them with services, products, and an experience that are truly accessible for them.

Why is accessibility important to Bell?

In terms of accessibility, Bell believes that the benefits of advanced communications technology should be easily accessible by everyone. Through our Accessibility Services Centre, which offers specialty products and services designed with accessibility in mind, Bell is helping to break down barriers that limit access. The Accessibility Services Centre also has dedicated agents to serve customers with accessibility needs. As a result, more Canadians are able to have access to Canada’s best national network.

How does technology play a role in eliminating barriers for people with low vision or blindness?

One of the main roles that technology plays in eliminating barriers for people with low vision or blindness is that it allows users to lead their lives independently and to contribute their skills, talents, and personalities to their communities. Mobile devices often now have great accessibility features for blind and low-vision users and can be compatible with accessories such as braille keyboards, AfterShokz Trekz headphones, and Google Home. GPS apps such as BlindSquare Promo, which is available at a low price of $9.99 for Bell customers, allow users to have a more independent travel experience.

What accessibility products and services does Bell Mobility offer?

Bell is very proud of the services, products, and support offered to accessibility customers, including:

  • A dedicated Accessibility Services Centre
  • A $20 credit per month on eligible rate plans, found on
  • Access to the best national network in Canada 
  • The incredible price of $9.99 for the BlindSquare Promo App exclusively for Bell customers
  • Bill credits on Doro devices
  • Directory assistance
  • Alternate bill formats such as e-text, audio, braille, and large print
  • A mobile accessible app for Android users
  • Bell Mobility customers can get the new tecla-e for the exclusive price of $263

Where can consumers go to learn more about accessibility?

For more information on accessible products and services, visit Bell’s Accessibility Services Centre or call the Accessibility Services Centre at 1-800-694-9313

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