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dentalcorp brings career flexibility to the next generation of dental professionals.

Oral care is changing as dental practices seek to deliver exceptional patient experiences in an increasingly technology-driven world. Patients today have more choice, information, and access to options, making it more important than ever for dental practices to deliver a full spectrum of comprehensive care to attract and retain patients. Health care professionals know this, and seek careers with practices that will allow them to deliver modernized patient care while supporting their immediate and long-term career goals.

dentalcorp is taking an entrepreneurial, network-driven approach to dentistry. An established leader in Canada, dentalcorp is the fastest-growing network of dental practices in North America, with over 7,600 team members and 500 practices. Through the dentalcorp network, team members can focus on providing quality patient care while leveraging the benefits of cutting-edge technology, career development programming, and extensive resources available through the organization.

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When you join dentalcorp, you see the shared passion for patient care, and that’s not just limited to within the operatory.

lisa hardhill

Lisa Hardill

Clinical Development Manager, dentalcorp

“When you join dentalcorp, you see the shared passion for patient care, and that’s not just limited to within the operatory,” says Lisa Hardill, Clinical Development Manager at dentalcorp. “For example, we have over 20 registered dental hygienist team members within our Support Centre, assisting practices with clinical development strategies and troubleshooting with operations, compliance, and more. There are so many career options at dentalcorp, whether it’s across our national network of practices or being part of the support system helping those practices reach their patient experience goals.”

A dental career focused on growth and development

Unlike traditional dental practices, dentalcorp offers inclusion into an ever-growing network of practices, opening doors for team members to explore different departments such as practice development and hygiene float teams. With a focus on providing mentorship and empowerment, dentalcorp team members can concentrate on any area that they’re particularly passionate about, growing into various roles across the organization.

For those looking to break into the dental industry or an opportunity to expand their growth, dentalcorp opens new doors for those passionate about the care they’re delivering.

Focused on care

Canadians’ well-being is at the centre of everything that dentalcorp does. The company builds long-lasting relationships based on trust and goes above and beyond to provide outstanding patient care.

Invested in you

An award-winning learning team helps individuals and practices expand their knowledge, skills, and clinical capabilities.

Stronger as one

Join dentalcorp’s community of the country’s top dental practices and be welcomed by a passionate team of committed professionals.

Career in Health Care - dentalcorp - des
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