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Access to Community Support and Services Within Reach for All Ontarians

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This organization is leaning on innovation to provide Ontarians free and confidential access to mental health community-based supports and services. 

For those struggling with mental health or addiction, the Ontario healthcare landscape can be tricky to navigate. Roughly one in three Canadians will experience mental illness at some point in their life, while an estimated 21 per cent of Canadians will meet the criteria for addiction. It’s vital that Ontarians have access to community-based supports and services, helping them tackle these struggles directly. Yet, the Ontario Medical Association says 2.2 million Ontarians do not have a family doctor, and therefore, limited access to a professional they can reliably turn to when and if they are seeking resources to help support struggles with mental illness, addictions, or problem gambling. 


“If people don’t have access to a health professional, they are more likely to go online, where there are a lot of options and choices,” says Joseph Ukposidolo, Marketing and Communications Manager at ConnexOntario, explaining why Ontarians can find it difficult to seek out and access relevant help.  

Accessing local support

ConnexOntario is an organization that helps facilitate access to community supports and services for Ontarians; something many can benefit from, but few knows exists. “ConnexOntario looks to close the loop on access to these critical supports and services,” Ukposidolo says. 

The organization envisions a province where all people are connected to local mental health supports and services -— wherever, whenever, and however they need it. They offer 24/7 access to information for those experiencing problems with gambling, drugs, alcohol, or mental health struggles. We are able to provide in-depth details of the programs within our database. These details could help the public inform their decisions about support and services within the province. Those seeking support — either for themselves or for a loved one — can access system navigation experts at all hours of the day. The service is free and confidential. 

Providing and maintaining the level of support ConnexOntario prides itself on also means adapting to new and innovative ways to ensure quality service delivery. The organization has worked to integrate innovative technologies into its practices, allowing it to maintain a high standard of care, while ensuring they stay true to their values. 

Evolving and Innovating 

“We need to create services that reflect the needs of a community as diverse as Ontario,” Ukposidolo says. “Removing language as a barrier, is just one example of how we can create opportunities for everyone to access community support.” Using new software, ConnexOntario offers 24/7 live agent support in over 130 languages and uses an e-referral program to help patients access help quickly. 

Transitioning to ethical AI-integration has also been critical to connecting more Ontarians to care. “AI can be a helpful tool, but we know the importance behind making sure the public knows the difference between AI and a live agent,” Ukposidolo explains. “As such, we look at AI as a co-pilot to our staff, rather than the actual person helping people in need.”

By adapting to new innovations and technology, like AI and digital tools, ConnexOntario can continue to deliver the highest quality of care to Ontarians, ensuring anyone can access the community supports and services they need. 

To connect to free and confidential information about Addictions and Mental Health supports and services, call  1.866.531.2600, chat with us at, or text “connex” to 247247 (standard data and text rates may apply).

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