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Future of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Teams’ Expanded Services and Roles Benefit Us All

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Pharmacists have the skills, knowledge, and ability to support and improve health care delivery in Canada.

COVID-19 put an immense amount of stress on Canada’s health care system. In the midst of the crisis, pharmacists were some of the frontline heroes who immediately stood up to help. 


Sherif Guorgui

Co-CEO, OnPharm-United

“Pharmacists embraced and adopted an expanded scope and extended services in their practice to keep their communities safe and healthy,” says Sherif Guorgui, co-CEO at OnPharm-United, a network of 600 independent pharmacy owners in Ontario. From COVID testing and vaccines to telehealth counselling services and medication reviews, pharmacists’ new responsibilities highlighted how critically important they are to our health care system.

It also gave pharmacists an opportunity to showcase why they’re always at the heart of their communities. Pharmacist-provided care is convenient, timely, and accessible. Nearly every Canadian has a pharmacy within walking distance, alleviating the burden of unnecessary visits to doctors’ offices and emergency rooms.

Seeking support 

Getting pharmacists even more involved in patient care can improve health outcomes and relieve stress from our health care system by expanding its capacity.

“Pharmacies have become health care hubs and will continue to have a growing role in supporting public health,” says Guorgui. “Further expansion of scope for pharmacy professionals, with equitable and fair reimbursement, will not only help close the gaps in the delivery of patient care but will also accrue savings for the entire health care system. That’s why it’s imperative that governments continue to keep pharmacy as part of the solution.”

OnPharm-United is committed to strengthening independent pharmacy owners to help their businesses and practices thrive through a continuously evolving pharmacy landscape.

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