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Using art, science and technology, these regulated healthcare professionals construct dental prosthetic, restorative and orthodontic devices

If you wear dentures or orthodontic appliances or have a crown or dental implants, have you ever thought about where they came from?


A registered dental technologist (RDT) integrates art, science and technology to design, create, alter, and repair dental prosthetic, restorative, and orthodontic devices. All work is custom made and requires specialized equipment, specific materials, and a lot of skill and training.

Dental technologists are highly skilled healthcare professionals. They communicate and collaborate with your dentist to create precise dental restorations that improve your oral health. An RDT earns the qualifications of all five components of dental technology, including dentures, partial dentures, orthodontics, crown and bridge, and ceramics. And because no two patients are the same, in addition to technical competence, the RDT must be creative and knowledgeable about the possibilities and limitations of a wide range of materials.

An RDT also builds a collaborative relationship with your dentist. Many factors come into play when building dental restorations, such as colour of teeth, shape, age of patient and status of oral health, which makes communication between an RDT and dentist a crucial part of providing optimal patient care.

Ask to see the stamp    

You have the right to ask your dental clinic for a copy of your lab invoice, which should have an RDT stamp on it. This stamp demonstrates that a regulated healthcare professional has handled and supervised the creation of your dental restoration to the highest quality standards. Every RDT has undergone a tremendous amount of training and study to create a safe restoration with Health Canada-approved products.

The Association of Dental Technologists of Ontario is the authoritative voice of dental technology in the province. The association works to pursue the advancement of RDTs through education and communication among members and to elevate recognition of the profession through networking and liaison with external agencies.

Know what is going on in your mouth and know that you can trust an RDT. 

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