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Actress Jane Seymour Is Proof That Age Is Only Skin Deep

Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour

There’s no disputing the fact that award-winning actress Jane Seymour has plenty of star appeal. Whether she’s on set or walking down a Hollywood red carpet, she exudes confidence and looks radiant. How does the 67-year-old dynamo do it?

For her, it starts with taking good care of her skin. “As I’ve aged, I’ve needed to protect my skin from the damage I did when I was younger, like sun worshiping with reflector boards,” she says. “I tend not to need expensive facials if I am consistent with my day and night regimen.”

Seymour’s time in front of the camera has also taught her a few tricks of the trade, like the importance of removing makeup and preventing skin damage. She has learned to remove her eye makeup gently with a cotton swab dipped in diluted baby shampoo.

Being in the spotlight comes with expectations for stars like Seymour. “There is definitely pressure to look your best in Hollywood especially with high definition, in which all flaws are clearly seen,” she says.

To keep her body looking great for those sleeveless gowns, she applies her favourite product, Crepe Erase, liberally. “It keeps my skin crepe-free, smooth, and youthful looking,” she says. Clearly, Seymour is always ready for her close up!

Using daily skin care routines and staying consistent, learn how Jane Seymour continues to glow and keep her youthful look.
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