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HelloFresh makes cooking delicious dinners from scratch more fun, convenient, and delicious than ever before.

As the pandemic presses on, Canadians have settled into routines that involve a lot more home cooking. While stay-at-home orders have revealed the inner chef in some people — most of us need a little more help taking our home-cooking game to the next level.

HelloFresh delivers fresh, high-quality ingredients right to your door, so you can create delicious dinners from scratch. Here’s how HelloFresh helps you eat well, save time, and enjoy cooking.

Easy as pie

We’ve watched enough Top Chef to know that the mise en place is critical, but who has time to spend hours measuring, chopping, grating, and dicing? HelloFresh delivers pre-portioned ingredients, so most of your food prep is taken care of before you even start cooking. It also helps reduce food waste, because it delivers the exact amount of ingredients you need for each recipe. That means you won’t be stuck with a random bag of spices or half an onion stinking up your pantry.

Less hassle, more dazzle

Whether you live alone, have roomies, or need to feed a family of four, HelloFresh can be customized to your lifestyle needs. Most meal kits have two or four servings, but you can add extra meals to your weekly order if you’re cooking for guests or throw in sides like garlic bread if you’re feeling famished. Plus, your HelloFresh subscription is flexible, so you can skip a week — or several — if you’re going on vacation, and choose your delivery day to best suit your schedule.

Broaden your taste buds

A food table displaying 3 different dishes - salad, grilled eggplant and meat in curry

A sheet pan dinner can get boring, fast. HelloFresh helps keep things exciting with more than 25 meal choices spanning different cuisines each week. Try your hand at a Spanish chorizo burger one day and whip up a Middle Eastern feast with Lebanese beef and feta meatballs the next. You can always find a vegetarian-friendly or kid-friendly option, and even the pickiest eaters will find something delicious to dig into.

Tastier than takeout

The HelloFresh culinary team creates delicious recipes based on customer feedback. The team reads each and every customer comment to figure out which most-loved menu items to bring back and what people are craving for future meals. Plus, has a collection of deliciously easy recipes for inspiration.

Reduce your footprint

HelloFresh meal kits are delivered in eco-friendly bags and boxes, so you’re not wasting a ton of plastic. Plus, meals cooked from HelloFresh meal kits produce on average 33 percent less household food waste than similar meals made with grocery store ingredients. The company is further reducing food waste by donating surplus food to communities, making its supply chain more efficient, and improving its packaging.

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